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About Fi'zi:k

Fi'zi:k got its start in 1996 building bicycle saddles to the highest quality standards. Named for the phonetic spelling of 'physique,' it's not surprising that the brand's focus is so completely fixed on ensuring a seamless interface between bike and rider. It was a natural extension for the brand to augment its line with a cyclist's remaining touch points, namely shoes, bar tape, and handlebars. The latter of those naturally led to stems and seatposts, in deference to the longstanding practice of pairing cockpit components. Every step of the way the focus has been on enhancing the experience of riding though a combination of superior quality and a scientific approach to understanding the specific needs of cyclists. And that approach is backed up by a healthy commitment to racing, which has made Fi'zi:k components a staple on the bikes of professional and amateur cyclists alike.

Among the noteworthy developments that this approach has yielded is the Spine Concept—an approach to saddle selection that's exclusive to Fi'zi:k. The gist of the idea is that a cyclist's flexibility, especially though the spine, has a significant impact on their ideal saddle shape. With this discovery, cyclists were then grouped into one of three categories—Snake, being the most flexible, Bull being the least flexible, and Chameleon in the middle. Snakes have the flexibility to roll their hips forward, requiring a flatter, narrower saddle shape, paired with handlebars with a deeper drop. Bulls, with their hips rolled into a stationary, upright position tend to prefer a more shapely saddle with shallower handlebar drop. And chameleons, Fi'zi:k found, tend to be most comfortable aboard a saddle that's flat and wide, which allows for ample hip flexibility and greater support. This holistic approach to pairing a rider with a saddle and handlebar tuned to their body type was novel at its introduction, but it has since been recognized for its elegant simplicity, and has led to Fi'zi:k saddles and components being wildly popular among cyclists of all abilities.