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3T on Competitive Cyclist

    About 3T

    With the tagline Ultimate Performance, there should be no question that 3T Cycling does not take its components lightly. Founded in 1961 in Turin, Italy, the firm's name was originally Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese, which translates into English as Turin Tubing Technology, although it was shortened to 3ttt in the following years, and in 2000 to 3T. It was founded by Mario Dedioniggi, an alumnus of the legendary Ambrosio rim company, who turned his experience rolling the world's finest rims to bending steel tubing for lightweight racing handlebars. It wasn't long before the polished 3ttt cockpit components were a mainstay of the Italian professional peloton, and their reputation for simple elegance and perfect execution earned them plenty of adoring fans. Throughout the following years many of the sport's most legendary champions were graced with their own signature bends of 3T handlebars—names like Merckx, Moser, and Gimondi. Of course, these sterling endorsements only raised the already high profile of the beloved Italian brand.

    Today, 3T's component line has expanded, but the cockpit components continue to be the most popular of the lineup. It's currently broken out into three tiers—LTD, which represents a no-holds-barred approach to building the finest components possible, the Team line, which is intended to be raced at the highest levels without missing a beat, and the Pro line, which swaps composites for aluminum alloy, and can easily be found on the bikes of racers who prefer traditional materials. What sets 3T's hierarchy apart is that while the constructions vary between each level, the quality does not. Further, most 3T handlebar shapes are offered in each of the three constructions, allowing riders to choose components that best suit their needs without compromise. And while 3T started on the road, its mountain bike line remains incredibly popular, bringing the same quality and heritage to those who prefer to do their riding in the dirt. Most importantly, 3T remains as popular as ever, making their components an obvious choice for those who demand superior quality and an unsurpassed heritage.