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At Competitive Cyclist, we're devoted to delivering the bike shop experience the way we've always wanted it to be. From partnering with many of cycling's standout brands, to the hands-on expertise and service offered by our Gearheads, to our in-house bike assembly operation that's unrivaled in the industry, we offer the knowledge and service of the best local bike shops along with selection and convenience that’s only possible online.

Meet Your Gearhead

Our Gearheads are the embodiment of everything we do at Competitive Cyclist. Equal parts customer service, sales people, and cycling fanatics, they're here to help you every step of the way. Once you've connected with a Gearhead, you can reach out to that same person time and again, whether it's walking you through a critical component choice or just helping you make changes to an existing order.

Gearheads are here to help, and part of that promise means being available via whatever channel works best for you. Feel free to reach out as many times as you like. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. So if you haven't already, make the connection and meet your Gearhead.

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Your Dream Bike Awaits

We're relentlessly focused on being the best place for you to buy your next bike. Whether you buy directly through the site or customize your build by working with a Gearhead, we strive to make the process as easy and enjoyable as humanly possible.

When your new bike arrives, the assembly process couldn't be easier. That's because every bike we sell is built, tuned, and test ridden by one of the seasoned professional mechanics in our Salt Lake City shop. Your mechanic handles every single step of this process, ensuring the personalized touch that separates a properly built bike from one that's simply been assembled. That means you can trust that your new steed will be ready to ride with only a few turns of an Allen key and a quick topping off of the tires. When you're ready, contact your Gearhead to experience New Bike Day the Competitive Cyclist way.

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