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About Northwave

In many ways, Northwave is a stereotypical Italian footwear manufacturer; its boots and shoes are meticulously crafted, and usually have a heaping spoonful of outside-the-box style to go along with their function-driven sensibilities. From the start, though, Northwave has focused exclusively on athletic footwear, not fashion, for road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes, and snowboarders.

Northwave entered the snowboard boot market in 1991, and since day one the focus has been on all-day comfort and exceptional durability. While that hasn't changed, advancements in materials make the current generation of Northwaves, such as the iconic Decade, the lightest yet. The boots are also known for their speedlace system, which is incredibly easy to use and is available on nearly the entire range of boots.

Northwave's cycling and mountain bike shoes have been ridden to national and world championships many times over. Like its snowboard boots, Northwave's cycling shoes are known for their durability and customizable fit, as well as unique choice of materials like wood midsoles, which are stiff, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

Whether you opt for the flashy and flamboyant, or the classic and modest, Northwave's footwear is built to provide years of steadfast service to serious athletes, professionals and amateurs alike.