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The FormaRed Carbon Bib Short

Giordana bibs are among the favorites around the office, and the FormaRed Bib Shorts are no exception. For this season, the shorts stick to the same basic formula: compressive fabrics in most places and less-compressive fabrics where comfort reigns. This translates to better support of your muscles while you’re riding, and ideally, less fatigue at the end of a ride.

The FormaRed Carbon Jersey

If you're like us here at Competitive, you may initially pick this jersey up because it's the same label as your beloved FormaRed Carbon shorts, but spending one summer day in the unmatched FormaRed Jersey will convince you that obsessively matching kit can pay huge dividends.

About Giordana

When Giorgio Andretta began importing fine Italian cycling equipment for the North American market in 1971, he couldn't have foreseen where it would take him. He had been a successful cyclist in his home country of Italy, and the connections he made through racing were instrumental in building and maintaining his import business when he moved to America. After a few years spent dealing in the designs of others, he founded Giordana Cycling Apparel in 1979, naming it after his daughter. The fact that he named it after his baby girl has no small bit of significance, as it reflects Giorgio's steadfast devotion to his brand.

Giordana clothing was originally built by a number of respected clothing manufacturers in Italy. This was instrumental in building some innovative products that have influenced everything since, like the Gamex, the earliest example of a truly lightweight, high-visibility shell jacket. By 1986, staggering demand necessitated a change in the business model, and Giordana opened its first plant in Italy. From there, it was off to the races, so to speak, with rapid adoption of new fabric technologies and a slew of sponsored teams that were instrumental both in developing product and raising the profile of the brand. In addition to sponsoring athletes, Giordana has also provided official clothing to some of the sport's highest profile events, both in America and in Europe.

Today, Giordana's clothing is a staple in the wardrobes of many discerning cyclists. The FormaRed Carbon bib short, in particular, is a strong contender for the most popular pair of bibs amongst our employees. And the trickle down of technologies is evident in the Silverline and Fusion series as well. And when you consider the unique aesthetic, which covers both cutting edge and heritage-inspired designs, it becomes plain to see that Giordana is informed by the past, and yet remains resolutely focused on building a bright future.