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About Zipp

Since its founding in 1988, Zipp has been focused on speed, pure and simple. Starting with a disc wheelset designed for time trialing, Zipp's blend of progressive design and high profile race wins quickly made their distinctive wheels a common sight at road and track races as well as triathlons. Throughout the 1990s their reputation grew, and although the developments are too numerous to list, Zipp's line of wheels continued to push the bleeding edge of both aerodynamics and construction techniques. While it would be easy to focus solely on wheels, it would be remiss to skip over Zipp's early contributions to composite crank design, as well as frame-focused aerodynamics with the radical 2001 frameset. Some of the lessons learned throughout these development processes led Zipp to develop the world's first dimpled rim, an aerodynamic breakthrough for which the brand still holds a patent.

In 2007, Zipp was acquired by SRAM, marking a significant addition to SRAM's portfolio, while simultaneously opening the window for Zipp's development of even more advanced construction techniques. Today, Zipp's line of cockpit components includes stems, handlebars, and seatposts. But as ever, the crown jewel of the lineup remains the wheelsets. The feathery 202 remains a top choice for climbers, while the 303's all-around prowess and stability in cross winds is rightly legendary. In situations where aerodynamic efficiency is essential, the 404's pairing of lightweight design and stability makes them a staple. For triathletes and time-trialists, the 808 and the disc wheels both find themselves atop podiums at Ironman events and cycling's most prestigious races. More recently, the 30 series alloy wheels have become a favorite training wheelset that benefits from the full range of Zipp's experience. And splitting the difference is the new 60 series, which pairs a composite fairing with an alloy brake track, bringing industry leading aerodynamics within the reach of more riders. The upshot is that whether you're a professional racer or you ride for enjoyment, Zipp's wheels and components will give you the edge you need to push your abilities to their absolute limits.