Shimano Shoes & Pedals

Total Integration

Shimano's shoes and pedals deliver a truly seamless riding experience.

Total Integration

Shoes and pedals represent a critical point of contact between the rider and the bike, so it’s essential that both work in concert to deliver the best possible riding experience. Shimano has a long and storied history of building shoes and pedals for World Champions and weekend warriors alike. Throughout the entire range of offerings, you’ll find outstanding value, legendary reliability, and the knowledge that your shoes and pedals have been designed as a system that’s been optimized for the way you ride.


S-PHYRE RC9 Shoe & Dura Ace R9100 Pedal

This professional level shoe and pedal package is built to minimize wasted watts so you can cover more ground faster.

  • Shimano’s Stiffest Carbon Fiber Sole
  • Minimum Stack Height for Efficient Pedal Stroke
  • Dual BOA Closure for On-The-Fly Adjustability
  • Also Available in Wide Version
  • Composite Pedal Body with Reinforced Stainless Wear Plates
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RC7 Shoe & Ultegra R8000 Pedal

This workhorse road racing package offers stiffness and supreme reliability, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about this season.

  • Stiff Carbon Fiber Sole for Efficient Power Transfer
  • Narrow Heel Cup with Roomy Toe Box
  • Dual BOA Closures for On-The-Fly Adjustment
  • Composite Pedal Body is Rugged and Lightweight
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RC5 Shoe & 105 R7000 Pedal

Shimano’s value packed package offers race ready efficiency and impressive features at a modest asking price.

  • Carbon Fiber Sole is Stiff and Efficient with a Touch of Comfortable Flex
  • Molded External Heel Cup for Exceptional Heel Hold
  • On-The-Fly Adjustable Single BOA Closure
  • Composite Pedal Body is Stable and Reliable
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S-PHYRE XC9 Shoe & XTR M9100 Pedal

Designed for the highest levels of cross country racing, this package offers outstanding efficiency and reliability that will keep you rolling all season long.

  • Extremely Stiff Carbon Fiber Sole for Maximum Efficienc
  • Perforated Synthetic Leather Upper is Lightweight and Quick Drying
  • Walkable High Grip Michelin Rubber Outsole
  • Also Available in Wide Version
  • Pedal Body Has Widened Shoe Contact Point for Maximum Stability
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XC7 Shoe & XT M8100 Pedal

This real world cross country race package delivers all-season durability with a bit more flex for all day comfort.

  • Stiff Yet Compliant Carbon Fiber Sole
  • On-The-Fly Adjustable Dual BOA Closure
  • Walkable High Grip Michelin Rubber Outsole
  • Open Pedal Body Clears Dirt and Mud for Predictable Retention
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XC5 Shoe & M540 Pedal

Shimano’s value oriented cross country shoe is a great match for a proven pedal that’s stable underfoot and plays nice with muddy conditions.

  • Fiberglass Sole Blends Stiffness with Comfortable Compliance
  • Single BOA Closure Offers Secure Heel Hold
  • Synthetic Leather Upper is Comfortable and Durable
  • Proven SPD Mechanism Offers Consistent Release in Tricky Conditions
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RX8 Shoe & ES600 Pedal

Developed specifically for gravel racing, this package offers the stiffness of a road shoe with dirt friendly lugs for traction on hike-a-bikes and muddy pit stops.

  • Shimano’s Lightest Off Road Shoe
  • Stiff and Efficient Carbon Fiber Sole
  • Single BOA Closure Ensures Consistent Heel Hold
  • Also Available in Wide Version
  • Single Sided Pedal is Lightweight and Dirt Friendly
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ME7 Shoe & XTR M9120 Pedal

This stiff, lightweight, and protective shoe and pedal package is built for the demands of the Enduro World Series.

  • Protective Full Coverage Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Neoprene Gaiter Keeps Debris Out of Your Shoes
  • Carbon Fiber Sole with Walkable Michelin Rubber Outsole
  • Extended Pedal Platform is Easy to Find Underfoot
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ME5 Shoe & XT M8120 Pedal

For trail riders needing comfort and protection, this package delivers proven reliability and trail-worthy functionality.

  • Perforated Synthetic Upper is Lightweight and Quick Drying
  • Single BOA Closure for Secure Heel Hold
  • EVA Midsole is Efficient with a Comfortable Flex
  • Extended Pedal Platform is Stable and Easy to Locate
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ME4 Shoe & M530 Pedal

This package is built specifically with trail riders in mind, delivering a value-packed blend of stiffness for efficiency, with enough flex for all day comfort.

  • Perforated Synthetic Leather Upper is Cool and Dries Quickly
  • Single BOA Closure for Secure Heel Hold
  • Walkable High Grip Rubber Outsole
  • Open Pedal Body Offers Predictable Release in Muddy Conditions
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AM9 Shoe & Saint M820 Pedal

Built to suit the demands of elite downhill racers, this package offers protection and comfort that’s perfect for a season’s worth of laps in the bike park.

  • Pull Cord For Customized Fit with Secure Hook and Loop Heel Strap
  • Raised Inner Ankle for Protection from Crank Arms
  • EVA Midsole is Responsive with a Comfortable Flex
  • Replaceable Pedal Pins are Secure Underfoot When Unclipped
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GR9 Shoe & Saint M828 Pedal

For those wanting a gravity-friendly setup for platform pedals, this package offers a predictable feel underfoot that enhances confidence in sketchy terrain.

  • Pull Cord Closure with Cover for Customized Fit
  • Raised Inner Ankle for Protection from Crank Arms
  • Platform Pedal Specific Michelin Rubber Outsole
  • Large Platform with Fore/Aft Concave for Solid Feel Underfoot
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GR7 Shoe & XT M8040 Pedal

This pairing is a great value for riders needing bike park worthy support in a package that’s equally at home on long trail rides.

  • Synthetic Leather Upper with Breathable Mesh Panels
  • Traditional Laces Offer Customized Fit
  • Neoprene Gaiter Keeps Rocks Out of Your Shoes
  • Pedals Available in Two Sizes to Match Your Shoe Size
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