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    Photo by Gruber Images So often in cycling, a race is defined by its climbs. This is true from the grades around Lake Cuomo to the impossible wall of the Mortirolo to l’Alpe’s 21 switchbacks, which every cycling fan knows by heart. But the 2016 edition of Milan-San Remo race is defined, like so many of its forebearers, by 293km of mostly flat endurance followed by the most important sprint finish in cycling. Yes, we’re not just implying that the Via Roma is even more important than the Champs-Élysées on the Tour’s final day, we’re stating it outright. And we’re [...]

    If there is one bike that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the Ibis brand, that bike is the Mojo. When Ibis returned from a hiatus in 2005 it reintroduced itself with the Mojo, and turned quite a few heads in the process. Its organic lines looked futuristic and it quickly earned a following for its balanced handling and outstanding DW Link suspension. In recent years, the Mojo’s popularity has largely been eclipsed by the Ripley and Mojo HD3, but there’s good reason to believe that this trend is about to change in a big way. Enter the Mojo 3.  The [...]

    Park City, Utah — Competitive Cyclist is excited to announce its continued partnership with Summit Bike Club, USA Cycling’s 2015 mountain bike Club of the Year. Summit Bike Club and Competitive Cyclist are committed to #growMTB through junior development in 2016 and beyond. The Competitive Cyclist Mountain Bike Team’s 2016 roster will be managed by Summit Bike Club and include sixteen racers hailing from Utah, Colorado, and Texas. This select group of athletes are representatives of Summit Bike Club’s commitment to helping juniors achieve their goals. “We strive to provide unique opportunities for our athletes to learn and grow as [...]

    The new Feed Zone Table cookbook by Skratch Labs founder Alan Lim and Chef Biju Thomas picks up where their Feed Zone Cookbook and Feed Zone Portables left off. Inspired by feedback from these books, they created a new set of recipes that are simple, healthy, and nutritious. But it goes beyond the food, to the way cooking and eating well can bring people together. As they say in the book’s forward: “We’ve always believed that physical activity and sport are central to our individual and cultural health. More important, we know that proper nutrition is fundamental to supporting an [...]

    Here at Competitive we take great care in assembling and packaging your new bike so when you receive it, the bike is in pristine condition and can be safely ridden with just a few minutes of simple wrenching. Before we get it ready to ship, our experienced mechanics make sure that the braking and shifting are dialed in, the headset and bottom bracket are installed correctly and we double check the bolts and tighten them to their precise torque specs. From there we remove the handlebars, seatpost and wheels to pack the bike for shipping. We use protective cardboard and [...]

    If you’re a downhill mountain bike racer or a fan of the sport, you’ll know that the suspension battle is currently dominated by two main players – the Rockshox Boxxer and the FOX Racing Shox 40. Personally, I’ve always been a Boxxer guy. I purchased my first Boxxer in 2004, and have easily spent hundreds of hours aboard each generation since. From the underwhelming and unreliable HC2 versions through today’s excellent Charger damper-equipped models, my allegiance has been stubbornly steadfast. However, when FOX offered me the chance to spend the past season aboard an early release 2016 FLOAT 40, I [...]

    By now you may know that the Skratch Labs Cookie Mix makes a mean chocolate chip cookie, berry blondie, and vegan cookie bar, and that all of them fit sweetly in your pocket or pack for rides, runs, and adventures. But you can also put the Cookie Mix to use when you’re looking to make an impression at a dinner party, office function, or Sunday brunch. Here are two can’t-miss recipes that even the most baking-challenged can manage, with impressive results. Apple & Pumpkin Buckle This buckle recipe comes together in just a few minutes. You can swap out the [...]

    Any time a new standard is introduced in mountain biking, it’s bound to ruffle some feathers, and with the recent introduction of plus-size tires, this larger rubber is shaping up to be mountain biking’s newest divisive topic. Pairing a three-inch-wide tire with a 40mm- to 50mm-wide rim isn’t exactly uncharted territory, seeing as this approach was tried and abandoned by downhillers in the “Y2K” era. But the concept was resurrected by Surly a few years back, and it’s quickly gaining traction. These wider rims and larger tires, which strike a balance between the wheels found on a traditional mountain bike [...]

    It’s been an interesting couple of days here at Eurobike. As always, our interest has been piqued by a swath of products, many quite innovative. We’re going to conclude our Eurobike coverage with a bit of both—some substantive new changes to Zipp’s respected wheel lineup, and a few other random items that caught our eyes while wandering through the convention center. Zipp’s Firecrest rims remain thankfully unchanged from last year, but their hubs will get minor refinements across the lineup. The new 77/177 hubset not only improves on the bearing seals in the superceded 88/188 hubset, but further enhances stiffness [...]

    Well, the madness that is Eurobike is in full swing, and we’re hard at work tracking down more new products. Next up in our coverage, we have new wheels from Reynolds, as well as a new Switch Infinity-equipped Yeti trail bike that has us drooling. Reynolds Reynolds seems to be nailing all of the product trends this year, with the ATR (All Terrain Road) carbon clinchers poised as one of the strongest offerings in the established Gravel category. A generous 21mm internal width on these carbon clinchers promises a solid platform for larger-volume tires, and there’s the added benefit of [...]

    It’s that time of year again, when nearly the entire bicycle industry heads to Germany for the Eurobike tradeshow and the first glimpses of next year’s products. We’ll be bringing you updates from Friedrichschafen with teasers of some of the gear that caught our attention, and we’re starting with pieces from Giordana, as well as Pinarello’s latest. Giordana First off, Giordana is upgrading its top-tier kit, the NX-G series, which stands for “Next Generation.” Expect features, fit, and prices that compare with the world’s highest end products—this is race-oriented gear developed for professionals and offered for aficionados. Along with a [...]

    Single Track 6: Part One

    In 2014, I competed in the Single Track 6 for the first time. As the name implies the race is six days, and takes place in five different locations around Western Alberta and Eastern and Central British Columbia. The race caught my attention because it runs though an area of the Canadian Rockies I’d always wanted to explore, and nothing showcases a trail network better than a stage race. The 2015 edition moved west to the wine region of British Columbia, so we based ourselves in Kelowna, a town that was central to all six of the stages. Justin Lindine, on [...]

    Lindsay Wetzel Polin is a writer for Competitive Cyclist with an eventful history in bike racing. She’s making her return to the professional ranks during this year’s Tour of Utah Women’s Edition, so we caught up with her to discuss regaining her form, staying motivated, and what it means to be racing with some of the fastest women on the planet. Q: What’s your cycling story? A: I got into cycling in college as a way to recover from running injuries and started racing mostly to have something fun and different to do during the summer off-season between track and [...]

    The Tour is here. Finally, all the melodrama about motorhomes, motorized bikes, and endless coverage of Sir Bradley Wiggins’ hour record bike can be brushed aside in favor of the main event. The way we see it, Contador and Froome cast long shadows over this year’s race, but Nibali, Quintana, and a few others may have something to say about that supposed dominance — provided they can survive the first, dangerous week. One for the Featherweights The dearth of time trial kilometers and the overabundance of climbing mean that this year’s edition of the Tour is a fitting tribute to [...]

    So you want to have an “adventure”? That’s pretty much where we were last weekend. Teammate and neighbor Justin Lindine and I had been kicking around the idea of doing a loop in our area that neither of us had ever pieced together by bike. Starting from North Ogden, we’d cross the Divide, head up the dirt road towards Avon, hop over to the ATV trail which connects on the east side of the road to Inspiration Point, then take the Skyline trail south over the peak and back to Ogden. I’ve been racing all around the world for a [...]

    Endurance mountain bike races have several different flavors, but one of my favorites is Prescott, Arizona’s Whiskey 50. It takes racers through nearly every type of terrain, which makes it an ideal example of what you can expect from a 50-mile race. Consider this an overview with tips and lessons learned on the road. If you haven’t raced a 50-miler, just know that 50 miles on fire roads isn’t 50 miles of single track—so I prefer to think of races in terms of time rather than distance. Mental Preparation First up, a point-to-point race is different than one that makes [...]

    Mountain bike stage races are one of the sport’s most enjoyable challenges, and having the right bike setup makes it even better. For the uninitiated, imagine traveling to an amazing riding destination, seeking out the best rides the area has to offer, and checking them off, day after day, with hundreds of your friends. It’s an enormous undertaking that’s absolutely worth the effort. Each race has its own flavor, but what they all share is that an appropriate bike setup is crucial to the experience. Take Pennsylvania’s legendary Transylvania Epic, for example. The race takes place over seven consecutive days [...]

    Recall Summary Name of product:Zipp 88 aluminum hubs for bicycle wheels Hazard: The hub flange ring on the front hub can fail posing a crash and injury hazard. Remedy: View Details Replace Consumer Contact: SRAM at (800) 346-2928 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Friday, or visit or www.zipp.comand click on Recall Notice for more information. Report an Incident Involving this Product Recall Details Units About 12,000 Description The aluminum hub shell is silver. The outside flange ring is gray aluminum in the standard option and blue, gold, gray, pink or [...]

    “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?” - Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne Regardless of whether your New Year’s celebrations historically generate a swill-fueled forgetting of all acquaintances, both new and auld (not to mention the question of where the hell your keys went), or sweating to the oldies on the trainer while watching some ambiguous, youthful face ravenously shout at a ball perched atop a brightly lit building, let Skratch accompany you along your journey. Why, with a little ingenuity and some booze, your cherished Exercise Hydration Mix will transform into an elixir worthy of the [...]

    Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one or a riding buddy, if they’re a mountain biker, they’re bound to be picky. That mountain bikers tend to have strongly held opinions is well known, and that fact makes buying a mountain bike-related gift a challenge. However, any of the following gifts will appeal to a wide range of riders, significantly improving your odds of getting them a gift that they’ll appreciate and actually put to use. Blackburn Wayside C02 Inflator Simple, reliable, and absolutely indispensible, this C02 inflator makes a great stocking stuffer. It’s a perfect solution for quick [...]

    Admittedly, the tail end of fall is an odd time to write about bib shorts that are designed to keep you cool. But hey, I’ve been riding in the Santini BCool Bib Shorts since July, and frankly, I’ve been a little busy lately. However, instead of chalking this up to simply being a lapse in my productivity, I’m more of the opinion that the extended test period actually adds an extra dimension to the review of these bib shorts, given that I can now attest to their dual ability to exceed expectations in both cold and hot conditions. Let’s dig [...]

    Leg Warmers Vs. Bib Tights

    In the vein of cutting to the root of closely guarded, seemingly ambiguous preferences, I thought that I’d dig into the seasonal debate of warmers vs. bib tights. Like all things bike, it’s a polarized debate with little room to sway detractors from their soapboxes. However, unlike many of the face-palm-debates of cycling gear, both sides of the fence have rather compelling reasons to stand on. But to come to a winner, we need to get into the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of both warming methods. Bib Tights Until recently, almost all bib tights pretty much sucked. Sure, there were [...]

    “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche Interbike 2014. What can I say, there were people in kilts, there were people in kits, and oh yeah, there was a bike show, too. This year, I mixed it up a bit and only went for a day. From a trend spotter’s point of view, and also as someone that prefers the comfort of his own bed, this is really the way to do it. Along these lines, I have a fast track, at-a-glance report on the trends of the show and [...]

    Perhaps a handful of you remember, but I wrote out some Interbike predictions last year that wound up being pretty spot-on. Honestly, though, it’s not terribly difficult to pull off when there’s a conveyor belt of vendors pouring through the Competitive doors everyday. Regardless, you don’t work here, nor are you inclined to attend the show, so I felt it prudent to provide you with a heads-up on what I expect to see from the show this week. In other words, I’ll be telling you about what’ll be worth getting excited about. Let’s see if I can get it right [...]