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Video Review: Sportful Giara & Super Giara

The exploding popularity of gravel riding and racing has led to riders reevaluating their equipment based needs, and it’s as true when we discuss clothes as it is when we discuss frames and components. It was that insight that led Sportful to build the Giara and Super Giara collections, pieces for gravel riding and racing, respectively, that are tailor made for the unique demands of gravel.

The Giara collection is built to be tasteful and comfortable. These pieces are cut for full coverage, with a fit that’s slim, yet not quite as sleek as Sportful’s dedicated road apparel. These pieces blend lightweight, breathable materials with reflective hits and thoughtful details, resulting in a kit that’s ideal for heading out of town with only a rough idea of the route ahead.

The Super Giara collection is the race focused counterpart to the Giara line. Featuring fits that are similar to Sportful’s road apparel, these pieces employ additional compression, which helps riders to stay fresher throughout the day, even when faced with endless washboards and tricky road surfaces. Think of Super Giara as the ideal complement to race days and big training rides.