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Comfort Made Fast

X-Comfort technology makes these shoes both race day fast and all day comfortable.

Built For Comfort

When you ride hard, your feet swell. That swelling leads to tingling and, in some cases, numbness that many of us have simply learned to accept. But Louis Garneau was not content with the status quo. The storied brand has devised an ingeniously simple solution, and they call it X-Comfort technology. By incorporating a stretch panel at the outside of the forefoot, X-Comfort allows your shoes to accommodate swelling, relieving pressure and fighting numbness and tingling. That technology now graces some of Louis Garneu's finest footwear, adding noticeable comfort to a range of shoes that are race worthy and ready to take on your biggest rides.



X-Comfort Shoe Men's Lineup

X-Comfort Shoe Women's Lineup

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