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About Reynolds

Reynolds Composites is a name long associated with premium-quality carbon fiber bicycle componentry. Their discontinued Ouzo Pro fork is the best selling, best loved full-carbon fork ever manufactured, and given their command of carbon, it was only a small step for Reynolds to enter the world of pro-quality carbon wheelset production. The roots of their wheelsets trace back to the legendary company Lew Composites. Like many of companies owned by innovative types, Lew had spectacular ideas, but simply couldn't manage to get the ball rolling on production. So in early 2002, MacLean Quality Composites (MQC) purchased Lew's assets and intellectual property and hired their two top engineers. MQC produced carbon fiber tubing for many of the industry's leading frame manufacturers, in addition to after-market and original-equipment products in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and sports industries, which made their partnership with industrial giant Reynolds a golden opportunity.

The Reynolds wheel line is known primarily for its outstanding contributions to the realm of aerodynamics. That's understandable when considering concepts like the Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) rim profile, which induces an aerodynamic disturbance so as to enable greater speed and stability. This technology finds its way onto both the Aero series wheels and the RZR series, a derivative of Lew's progressive designs. That said, there is more to a Reynolds wheelset than just speed. These wheels are tuned to be stable in a cross wind for rider safety, and their reputation for phenomenal handling backs up Reynolds's claims. And there's more to their lineup than road wheels, with their mountain wheels being ridden to competitive success in nearly every dirt-based discipline. The addition of carbon hoops for use with fat bikes, and a full range of disc-equipped road and cyclocross wheels points to the fact that Reynolds will continue to serve cyclists' needs for fast, reliable wheelsets, and adapt with the ever changing pace of the sport.