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2019 Bib Shorts Guide

Direct Drive
Trainer Guide

Learn about our picks for this year's standouts.

Neo 2T Smart Trainer

The Neo series has become a benchmark in indoor training largely for its near-silent operation and rock solid feel, and this latest update raises the bar even further. Operating at a claimed +/- 1% accuracy, and capable of withstanding a massive 2,200 watts, this pro level trainer is ideal for the most serious Zwifters. If you’re looking for the best direct drive smart trainer on the market today, this is it.

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KICKR Power Trainer

Highly accurate and proven beyond any doubt, the KICKR Power is widely considered the benchmark in direct drive trainers. Measuring efforts at a claimed +/- 2% accuracy, it brings your online training to life by realistically replicating the resistance of grades up to 20%. The sturdy construction and ample footprint keep your bike feeling solid under your hardest sprint efforts. Pair it with a KICKR Climb to get an even more realistic online training experience.

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Direto X Interactive Power Trainer

Although the Direto X is the lowest priced direct drive trainer in our guide, a quick look at the specs reveals the reason why it’s become a bestseller. Measuring efforts at a claimed +/- 1.5% accuracy and offering up to 2,100 watts of resistance, this trainer offers figures comparable to models costing hundreds of dollars more. And with its quiet operation and easy setup, this trainer delivers outstanding value for demanding users.

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H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

As the quietest trainer ever to grace Saris’s H-series, the H3 is an outstanding value for home training. Offering a competitive +/- 2% claimed accuracy reading, and capable of 2,000 watts of resistance, the H3 is competitive with the best options in its class. The major updates over the H2 are focused on reducing noise and vibration, which will help to keep the other members of your household from hearing your interval workouts.

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