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A Seismic Shift

Over just a few short years, online interactive platforms like Zwift have transformed the way that most of us train. Rather than sweating in solitude, we’re now able to join rides with friends from around the world and enjoy the extra motivation that comes with competing in real time. As a result, indoor training is no longer simply an off season pursuit—thanks to the rise of the smart trainer, it’s part of our year-round training plans. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or the best of the best, read on to learn about today’s leading smart trainers.

Wheel On

Offering both affordability and easy storage, Wheel On trainers are ideal for riders new to online training, as well as anyone wanting a compact unit that can be stored easily between training sessions.

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Direct Drive

Thanks to nearly silent operation and reduced wear on your bike, Direct Drive trainers have become the preferred option for many riders with dedicated home training studios.

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Trainer Bikes

For the most committed online training aficionados, dedicated trainer bikes negate the need to convert your outdoor bike to “indoor mode,” and offer the necessary adjustments to mirror your “outdoor” fit.

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