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Stay Dry

Pearl Izumi's PI Dry technology excels during hard rides in shoulder season conditions.

The Total Package

Staying dry in inclement weather is a battle, and it's twice as difficult during high-output activities. Waterproof layers block rain and wheel spray, but remaining truly dry means that those layers also need to allow sweat vapor to escape so that you don't get soaked from inside. That's the key insight behind Pearl Izumi's PI Dry technology. Products built with PI Dry protect against precipitation without succumbing to perspiration. And unlike many water-repellent technologies, PI Dry is built to last the lifetime of the garment, without the need for special care or wash-in treatments.

PI Dry Technology

Most water-resistant treatments are applied to a textile's face fabric, but PI Dry applies a durable waterproof treatment to the fabric's individual fibers before they're woven together. The result is that fabrics built using PI Dry are effectively impervious to saturation, which both allows outside moisture to bead on the surface, and ensures that water vapor can be continuously expelled. PI Dry's fibers will remain waterproof throughout the life of the garment without special care, unlike many waterproof layers that require frequent wash-in treatments and regular high-heat drying cycles. Better yet, PI Dry is Bluesign-approved, which means that every step of its production minimizes the environmental impact. When staying dry is a matter of comfort and safety, you can rely on PI Dry every ride, all season long.

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