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For over five decades, Pearl Izumi has been building cycling clothing that's driven by function, plain and simple. It's no accident, rather it's a natural reflection of a brand that was born from a father making cycling clothing for his son. That loving attention to detail is evident in every piece of clothing that bears Pearl's ubiquitous logo. And when we say ubiquitous, we mean it. If you take a look around at your next group ride, odds are that you'll find more than one piece of the Japanese brand's gear, be it a jersey, their wildly popular bib shorts, or their feature-packed cycling shoes.

Don't think that Pearl's widespread appeal is a sign that this is generic stuff. On the contrary, pieces from the flagship P.R.O line are built to go toe-to-toe with the finest clothing options in the industry, and to do so at a price that reflects quality, rather than a name-brand premium. The breadth of the line is downright impressive, from the commuter-ready Elite Barrier jacket, to the revolutionary X-Project shoe series, which is designed to be comfortable for hike-a-bikes while still delivering the power transfer needed to win races.

That commitment to improving the cycling experience is evident in concepts like BioViz, an exclusive high-visibility concept that blends bright and reflective fabrics, high-contrast designs, and cutting-edge science intended to ensure that you're more visible to motorists, an in turn, safer on the road. This approach is backed up by a staggering amount of data collected during real-world tests, so you can be confident in knowing that BioViz is backed up by results and is proven in some of the most demanding conditions you'd likely ever face. Sure, it's a step beyond what others consider necessary, but anything less simply wouldn't be the Pearl Izumi way.