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Extraordinary Machines

Handmade in Denver, Colorado USA

Since opening its doors in 2008, Alchemy has been driven by a burning
desire for perfection.

Its approach is defined by total control over every step of the manufacturing process. It wasn't enough to simply bring on welders, engineers, painters, and composites specialists with experience unrivaled in the cycling industry. Every process is continually scrutinized and refined, regardless of the cost.

Every carbon fiber tube used in an Alchemy is built in-house. The same is true of the tooling used to make those tubes. From design and engineering, to the cold forming of titanium tubesets, to the masterful application of flawless paint jobs, every step of this process happens under one roof, where control over the outcome is guaranteed.

This approach is difficult, to be sure, but difficulty is merely another hurdle when the goal is to build the world's finest bicycle frames. It's more than just a hopeful proclamation. Every Alchemy model must pass CEN and ASTM testing, but passing is just the start. They're pushed far in excess of these already strenuous standards to ensure that they will be steadfast companions for many years and countless thousands of miles.

The bicycles birthed from this process offer a blissful ride quality paired with unsurpassed durability.

Here, testing, development, and manufacturing combine to produce something far greater than the sum of these exceptional parts. This is the result of the quest for perfection. This is what it means to ride an Alchemy.

From carefully selecting the frames, to co-developing exclusive custom paint options, we worked closely with Alchemy to bring them into the Competitive Cyclist family the right way. Each frame selected represents the pinnacle of its particular genre, and makes a perfect foundation for a custom dream build tailored perfectly to your wants and needs with the assistance of a Competitive Cyclist Gearhead.

Alchemy offers frames built from carbon fiber and titanium, perhaps the two most coveted materials among cycling aficionados. Countless words have been spent describing the stiffness, the smooth ride, and the astounding strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber frames, and Alchemy's offerings maximize each of those characteristics through a development process that is truly industry leading. Alchemy's painstaking development process has similarly elevated its titanium offerings to a place where they offer a divinely-balanced blend of stiffness and comfort, along with a titanium frame's unrivaled potential to be a true lifelong partner. Accordingly, titanium has become a favorite choice for the personal steeds of Alchemy's own frame builders-- a distinction whose magnitude truly cannot be overstated.


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The Atlas takes everything we love about hard-nosed race bikes, and re-imagines these factors for daily use. Silky smoothness is paired with efficient power transfer. Nimble handling is balanced with all-day comfort. Function-driven design is executed with a nod to breathtaking aesthetic beauty. This is a machine for those who appreciate simplicity executed to perfection.

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Once the preferred material for pro-level dream bikes, titanium has largely been associated with curmudgeons as of late, but the Eros proves that titanium absolutely has a place in a modern-day pace line. Large-diameter tubing provides the requisite stiffness, while thoughtful tube forming enhances the ride quality to levels that many would consider magical. Welcome to the future of titanium bicycles.

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The Hyas displays the best attributes of gravel bikes, transitioning between rough roads and Wednesday night worlds without missing a beat. You'll find the customarily generous tire clearance and rugged durability that these machines are known for, but the hidden surprise is a luxuriously smooth ride that seems almost impossible given its stiffness under power.

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From its aerodynamically efficient tube shapes, to its flawless construction, to its exclusive paint options, the Aithon makes a legitimate claim to being the finest production all-road bicycle in existence. Lightweight yet bombproof, stiff yet forgiving, function-driven yet beautiful, this work of utilitarian art is the zenith of Alchemy's mixed-road offerings.

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