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Since 1995, Cervelo has been at the forefront of the effort to build faster bicycles. Born from a passion for racing and enhanced by experience at the bleeding edge of aerodynamics, Cervelo has built a sterling reputation as purveyors of machines that offer their riders a demonstrable advantage. From the days of the legendary Cervelo Test Team, to today’s partnership with Team Sunweb, racing has always been an invaluable platform for Cervelo’s testing efforts, and the results are staggering.

From the P3, which is quite likely the world’s winningest triathlon bike by a dramatic margin, to the S3, which singlehandedly proved that aero bikes could be comfortable and inspiring to ride, Cervelo has played an outsized role in raising the bar for modern race bikes. And while speed and efficiency reign supreme, the latest offerings are finely tuned steeds built to cater to every aspect of the discerning cyclist’s wishlist. Read on to get familiar with the latest from Cervelo.

R Series

Cervelo considers the R Series to be its line of “classic” road bikes, which undersells the category leading details that are inherent in the R Series DNA. Light, snappy, and refreshingly aggressive, bikes in this family will inspire climbers while the finely tuned ride quality makes them exceptional partners for stage racing as well.

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Drawing on the body of aerodynamics expertise that set Cervelo apart from the start, the S3 is the aero bike that practically defined the category. Sleek, stiff, and unapologetically built to race, the S3 will be a natural fit for sprinters and crit racers seeking a thoroughbred steed single mindedly focused on winning races.

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Among both time trialists and triathletes, Cervelo’s P3 requires no introduction. A perennial contender at Ironman events across the globe, and a fixture on podiums at time trials, there is a strong case to be made that the P3 has little in the way of true competition.

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Billed as the endurance bike in the line, the C3 is the result of Cervelo’s experience building world class race bikes refocused on building machines for the rest of us. The combination of a slightly more upright fit and clearance for 32mm tires makes the C series an exceptional choice for those focused on enjoying long days in the saddle.

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