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About Niner

Niner may be a young company, but in their short existence They've made an impressive knobby-tire rooster tail through the muddy, 29er puddle. Quickly establishing themselves as the twenty-niner authority through passion, innovation, and community, Niner is about the freedom and rush of riding, topped with a healthy dose of post-ride camaraderie. But, most notable is there push for modern, yet refined designs. Changing the industry by doing everything from twisting arms of reluctant companies to produce components for 29er applications, to conducting extensive in-house R&D ensuring their own technologies and products perform to the highest degree, Niner is a leader in what they rightfully call "The Big Revolution." Take a look at the praised, 29er-specific CVA suspension system. No other manufacturer can say they developed a rear suspension for large wheels only; others have merely adapted existing designs for use with a completely different wheel size. Niner doesn' t compromise for the sake of a quick buck. Back in 05', when they first introduced the CVA design to the public, it was on a prototype WFO 9, a long-travel, full-suspension 29er like nothing seen before. While the CVA platform quickly made it into production on shorter-travel versions, like the RIP 9, Niner continued to develop the WFO 9 -- with consumers clawing at the doors to get one. Fast forward four years, hundreds of hours of computer analysis, and countless miles of real-world testing under mountain-bike fanatics, and the WFO 9 was released to glowing reviews. Had Niner pushed it to market prematurely, it would have tainted the long-travel 29er niche with shoddy handling, weak construction, and an unsupportive aftermarket. That' s the difference between a fad and what has become a staple to the mountain bike industry -- dedication and professional execution. That attitude has produced a full line of distinguished bikes: Race-day carbon lust machines, back-country full suspension rigs, working-man steel hardtails, and more. Ride a Niner, and you' ll not only feel the highly-publicized advantages of twenty-niners, you' ll feel the dedication to professionalism and the passion that goes into developing each and every Niner frame.