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GarminEdge 530 Bike Computer


Item # GRMF003

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  • Black, One Size ($299.99)
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Item # GRMF003

Why We Like The Edge 530 Bike Computer

We're always a little amazed when Garmin launches a new computer. The amount of information that's available at our fingertips during a ride and afterward to analyze is simply astounding. Nowadays, route planning and mapping, ability to pair with various sensors, and keeping connected with groups of riders as well and friends and family at home are par for the course. These features let us find rides in places we've never been before, allows us to train more effectively, and potentially ride safer. So if you are in the market for a new computer and want the most up to the date features, have a look at the Edge 530 Bike Computer.

This Edge 530 is pre-loaded with the Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing. Using its Garmin Connect database, Garmin finds well-ridden routes in your current location and even recommends the direction that's most popular. Additionally, it provides off-course recalculation assistance to quickly get you back to the start if needed.

Returning features include group messaging and tracking letting you communicate with the pack without having to pull out the phone from your back pocket. So if the group takes a wrong turn or someone has a mechanical, if you're paired with GroupTrack, it's easy to regroup. It also receives assistance and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights (sold separately) so you can see and be seen, while a new bike alarm rounds out the list of cycling safety features. The 530 is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors including speed, cadence, power, heart rate monitors, and others, providing real-time metrics that you can view on the ride and analyze later. By paring with compatible sensors, the 530 provides insights on your VO2 max, advises recovery time, training balance, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration, and more.

Once connected to Garmin's Connect IQ store which you can do over Wi-Fi, you can easily customize the Edge 530 with free apps, widgets, and data fields. For instance, a weather app can keep you aware of changing conditions, while training apps let you, and your coach, know if you are doing the workouts correctly. Every data field is easily customizable letting you put important information exactly where you want on the easy to read screen.

Water resistance gets an IPX7 rating which is plenty of protection for rainy rides and 'cross conditions. One area that really impressed us was its 20-hour claimed battery life and the ability to work with the Garmin Charge power pack for up to 40 hours of additional battery life, plenty of juice for ultra epic races. Included with the computer is a flush out-front mount, standard mount, USB cable, and manual.

  • Garmin's latest head unit with sophisticated bike functionality
  • Garmin Cycle Map sources popular routes from its library
  • Communicate with other riders with group message and tracking
  • Compatible with Varia Radar and lights
  • Wi-Fi connects to the Connect IQ store for apps, widgets, and data fields
  • Dynamic performance monitoring and insights help you improve
  • Impressive 20-hour battery life with the ability to extend 40 more hours
  • ANT+ and Bloothtooth connectivity works with speed, cadence, HR, and powermeter sensors

California Proposition 65


Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Tech Specs
Housing Materialplastic
Heart Rate Monitorwith strap sold separately
Technical Featuresmapping with Garmin Cycle Map, bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, assistance and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights, free apps, widgets, and data fields from the Connect IQ Store
Operating SystemBluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi
Battery Typerechargeable lithium-ion
Battery Life20hrs (up to 40 hours of additional battery life with Garmin Charge power pack)
Low Battery Indicatoryes
Mount TypeFlush out-front mount, Standard mount
IncludesEdge 530 Computer, Flush out-front mount, Standard mount, USB cable, Manuals
Dimensions50 x 82 x 20mm
Face Size2.6in
Manufacturer Warranty1 year
Activityroad cycling, mountain biking

Actual Weight

Black, One Size

Claimed Weight

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What do you think about this product?



Will this device be able to connect to Garmin HR-TRI, Garming Rally XC Dual-Sided Power Meter and Garmin Bike Speed 2 Sensor? My main question would be is it compatible with all of them, and will they show as part of the measures in the screen during the ride?

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

Works great. I connect it to ride with GPS and I have no issues with navigating the routes with is. I was able to edit the screens to include heart rate and power meter as well. Easy to mount and came with quite a few things for mounting so I could set up both my bikes with it.

>Rating: 1

Disappointed by Garmin.....again!

I've put it through the wringer

I bought a brand new Garmin Edge 530 based on rave reviews I found online from well known so-called “experts”. I would NOT recommend this product. It is Overpriced and it Underdelivers (That should be the motto of Garmin “We Overprice and We Underdeliver”). Here is why I am saying this: 1) It took me forever to get my iPhone to connect to the device. After months of trying everything, I finally found a Video on YouTube explaining how to resolve this very situation (let me reassure you, the Video was not from Garmin as they were useless in helping me solve the issue). 2) 1 day I went for a long ride far away from my usual base and got lost. No problem. I figured I would either reverse course or enter an address. NOPE! you can’t do either with the Edge 530. You can only follow a course that has been pre-downloaded and you can’t even reverse it. Useless device! Conclusion: After 4 months of intense usage, I am getting rid of my Edge 530 and I don’t think I will ever buy another Garmin Product. It is not the first time I struggle with Garmin buggy firmware and old feel technology. If their technology feels outdated however, their pricing does not. I can’t believe they want $600 for the New Edge 1030+!!!

It seems you didn't read the details of the product before purchasing and the manual after. It's well known that you can input an address into this unit but its very easy to select to reverse the course.

>Rating: 5

Great upgrade to 520.

I've put it through the wringer
True to size

Battery life on this computer is amazing! Went on a 70 miler with power meter, heart rate, and cadence sensors attached and it only burned 9% of the battery. The navigation is clear easy to use. The buttons are a big upgrade from the 520 and have much better feedback. 10/10 would recomend!

Thanks. My 520 just died so you’re comment just sold me on the 530

>Rating: 4

Great Computer with Unintuitive UI

First off, no bike computer has earned a 5 star rating IMO, and the Garmin Edge 530 is my favorite 4 Star device. The Garmin 530's features, screen, size, design, and display graphics are superior to competitors. However, in no way is it easy to set up any of the amazing features the Garmin 530 offers. It is a total time suck. Both navigating the digital interface and using the placement of the physical buttons are a chore, particularly when setting up the device. Though while on bike, once you press play, the buttons make total sense. If you aren't a tinkerer the wahoo devices, or a more simple garmin, seems a no brainer purchase. However after getting my Garmin Edge 530 set up to exactly my liking. It does everything I want and I never have to think about it. It is fully integrated in my bike life without worry or additional thought.


Will my heart rate monitor from my 500 work on this unit or do I need to buy a new heart rate monitor?

If you have the Garmin HRM or any other ANT+ unit (Wahoo TICKR, etc.) then it will work with this unit.

>Rating: 4

Works Fine

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Pros: small, compact and simple interface. It seems robust enough to stand up to quite a few rides. Cons: Small, compact and can be hard to view screen. When riding sometimes the screen feels too small to appropriately view the navigation.

>Rating: 1

Useless for MTB navigation

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

All I wanted was to be able to show up at an unfamiliar trail network with a route inputted from trailforks and be able to ride with a quick glance down at junctions to know which way to turn. It does a billion other things, possibly well, but not that. It beeped incessantly on sections of trail with no junction but once you're at a junction it had no interest in indicating the direction to go. When I guessed the direction incorrectly it would indicate that I was off course but it would never tell the right way. It was worse flow than stopping at every junction, taking off glove, pulling out phone and opening trailforks to try to figure out which way to go. I am going to invent a little roadbook app or device like the rally racers use. Arrows at odometer readings that you can read at 100mph. The Garmin Edge is for people that don't actually like to ride but prefer the idea of riding.

What GPS unit would you reccomend that can help navigate trail routes? I was looking at this but now I am concerned.

I had the same issue. I did a ~3000 ft ride today and it only showed 1500 ft. When looking at the ride on the garmin website it never aligned with the trail. This is good for road biking but terrible for mountain biking. I will be returning mine.

I had a similar experience. I bought this because I thought it would be so cool to create a route on Trailforks and have my Garmin give me turn by turn instructions. I tried everything and couldn’t get it to work. It is totally useless for trails. I still pull out my phone or try to memorize the route before I leave. Every once in a while it would tell me that a trail is coming up- but mostly it just tells me to make a U turn my entire ride. I also found it time consuming to set up- and loads of goofy metrics that I am pretty sure Garmin just made up? I wish this computer “Did less well than more badly “.

Gps, in my experience, isnt dead on in the woods. I have this issue with winter backpacking when trailbreaking in snow. I think it works on roads so well because they know exactly where roads are, so if your gps is within 15’ or something, it knows youre on the road, but this is just my conclusion based on experience not on technical knowledge. Plus trails are narrower so theres more interference from trees. Any experts who can confirm This understanding?

Exactly which tree or rock would you like the computer to tell you to turn at? In tree cover, GPS signal is weak. In the open desert, you could be steered off track. I'd love to hear that this has been solved; that would be some amazing programming.

>Rating: 4

It works

I've put it through the wringer
True to size

I moved from my old 500. Screen is very nice, battery life pretty good. I don't really use any more advanced features like navigation, just basic data recording. So far I haven't had any problems.

What basic data recording are you doing?

>Rating: 2

works correctly sometimes

I really want to like this computer, but I can't. buttons are clunky and the software is buggy. computer locks up sometimes and most the time has elevation recording issues. the positive is it is a very nice screen layout and easy to see. but I honestly wouldn't buy this computer.

>Rating: 3

New and Improved But Still a Garmin

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I've had a few Garmins in the past and never fell in love so I've moved to a Wahoo Elemnt but I thought it would be worth testing out the new Edge 530. To start with, battery life is much better, which is a huge plus. The 530 handles routing and navigation better and faster, and there's some fancy new features, but honestly I didn't find anything else new I would use. I mainly use my computer for basic ride data and following preloaded routes and Garmin of course does both of those but my frustration started when trying to load a RWGPS route onto the device over Bluetooth. With a Wahoo it's a matter of a couple button clicks, with this Garmin it involved installing an additional app, navigating buried menus on the app and the original app, waiting 10 minutes for things to download and restart things when getting errors, then navigating more menus on the device to find the route. It took an hour. Beyond that I found the buttons on the device to be non-intuitive, it's probably something I would get used to but in comparison my first ride on the Wahoo Elemnt the menus and buttons all seemed very straightforward. If you currently use an older Garmin and like it and want to upgrade, consider this a solid option. I give this 3 stars as Garmin has done nothing to improve their tedious menus and frustrating setup.

+1 on Garmin's lack of development over the last 5+ years (i.e.-non intuitive interface, buttons, depth/dig of features). They're great on "every new feature plus more" but they should have pumped the brakes and cleaned up their interface, made it far more intuitive to use, and not require you to dig through screens and options to perform, or change, basic functions...

I bought an Element Bolt for the reasons you describe. The ELEMNT would show the data like speed and distance but mid-ride stop working. I returned the unit and replacement unit similar issues. I was thinking of goin back to Garmin, my old unit. Frustrating!