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SidiWire 2 Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's

Sale $349.96 - $499.99

Item # SID00A6

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  • White/Black Liner, 42.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 42.5 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 43.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 44.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 45.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 46.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 46.5 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 47.0 ($499.99)
  • White/Black Liner, 48.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 42.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 42.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 43.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 43.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 44.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 44.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 45.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 45.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 46.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 46.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 47.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Blue/Black, 48.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 40.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 41.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 41.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 42.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 42.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 43.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 43.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 44.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 44.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 45.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 45.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 46.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 46.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Gray/Black, 48.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 40.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 40.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 41.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 42.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 42.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 43.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 43.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 44.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 44.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 45.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 45.5 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 46.0 ($499.99)
  • Matte Black, 48.0 ($499.99)
  • White, 41.0 ($349.96)
  • White, 41.5 ($349.96)
  • White, 43.0 ($349.96)
  • White, 44.5 ($349.96)
  • White, 45.5 ($349.96)
  • White/Black/Red, 41.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 41.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 42.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 42.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 43.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 43.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 44.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 44.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 45.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 45.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 46.0 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 46.5 ($349.98)
  • White/Black/Red, 47.0 ($349.98)
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Item # SID00A6

Wire 2 Carbon Cycling Shoe

The Wire was Sidi's top shoe for a number of years until the relatively recent release of their range-topping Shot. Now, the Wire sees some updates that improve fit and comfort while giving the shoe a sharp new look. Like the Shot, the new Wire 2 Carbon Cycling Shoe has the lower dial relocated to the top of the tongue for a more comfortable fit with equal tension across the whole foot. The instep strap has been made a bit narrower too, with improved flexibility and the addition of padded edges to further improve comfort. The all-new microfiber upper features a textured finish for a unique look, and is available in some striking new matte colorways.

Sidi shoes are well renowned for their comfort and stiffness, but Sidi hasn't attained its dominance by resting on laurels and leaving innovation for its competitors. While many shoe brands will outsource it's dial closures to BOA, the Wire 2 utilizes Sidi's own Techno 3 dial. Most notably, it allows for adjustments of each of the shoe's instep and forefoot buckles and is significantly more intuitive and easier to do while in the saddle. Loosening each buckle is a simple affair — you can pinch both buttons on either side of the buckle to unwind the line closure, or you can toggle each button for extremely precise incremental adjustment. Tightening the shoe should also be familiar: just open the buckle's switch and wind the buckle. Sidi uses a supple, low-friction line material to keep the buckle action smooth. Not only does the Techno 3 make the shoe's overall aesthetic even cleaner, but it also allows for an even greater degree of micro adjustability and fit consistency across the entire shoe. This ensures that you get the perfect fit every single time you buckle up for a ride. And for those who prefer as snug a fit as possible, the shoe's Soft Instep Closure System has generous padding for supreme comfort with tight buckles.

Sole duties are handled by the Vent Carbon Sole, complete with a replaceable, polyurethane heel pad to improve walkability, and a replaceable, integrated toe pad/vent cover. The sole isn't only impressive because of its efficient power transfer, thanks to its light weight and stiffness, it also aids in all-weather comfort. Using integrated vent and air channels, it allows for exhausting pent-up heat as well as increasing air flow. The vent can be opened in the summer to keep your feet cool and closed during those long base mile winter days. Sidi paid special attention to the layup of the carbon fiber and it features opposing angles that maximize stiffness while allowing for a small degree of controlled flex in the toe area. According to Sidi, this carefully designed flex biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon and helps promote circulation.

Also returning from previous top-shelf offerings is Sidi's vastly improved Heel Security System (or HSS) to keep your foot positively planted in the shoe. By means of a small Allen key, it's an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles. So, no matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals, your heel will stay in place inside the shoe. It's a detail that allows you to cinch down the straps of your shoes less tightly — giving you more comfort along with more security.

With a degree of engineered flex in the Carbon Sole and a secure and slip-free heel, you won't have to worry about hot spots. And you don't have to worry about heat in the rest of your feet, either, with the Wire's combination of Techpro Microfiber and ballistic mesh — giving you comfort, breathability, and durability.

  • A premium road shoe with Sidi's renowned fit and workmanship
  • Lower dial relocated to the tongue for better fit and comfort
  • Instep strap is narrower and adds padding to further improve comfort
  • Full carbon fiber sole for uncompromising power transfer and low weight
  • Sole vents create airflow while slight flex maintains comfort
  • Techpro microfiber upper blends durability and breathability
  • Tecno 3 closure system allows a wide range of adjustability
  • Sidi shoes continue to lead the way in style, fit, and longevity

Tech Specs
Upper MaterialMicrofiber Techpro
ClosureSoft Instep Closure Strap, Tecno-3 Push Dials
SoleVent Carbon
Cleat Compatibility3-bolt
Recommended Useroad cycling
Manufacturer Warranty1 year


Cycling Footwear
35.5   4
36   4.5
36.5   5
37   5.5
37.5   6
38 5 6.5
38.5 5.5 6.5 / 7
39 6 7
39.5 6.5 7.5
40 6.5 / 7 8
40.5 7 8 / 8.5
41 7.5 8.5
41.5 8 9
42 8 / 8.5 9.5
42.5 8.5 9.5 / 10
43 9 10
43.5 9.5 10.5
44 9.5 / 10 11
44.5 10 11 / 11.5
45 10.5 11.5
45.5 11 12
46 11.5  
46.5 11.5 / 12  
47 12  
47.5 12.5  
48 13  
48.5 13.5  
49 14  

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Great Shoes, Amazing quality

I've put it through the wringer
Size Bought
5` 7"
135 lbs

Amazing quality. Have been wearing SIDI's for years and just wanted a new pair of shoes with the new bike. As others have mentioned, the tongue is not the most comfortable as soon as you slip these on your feet. I manually softened the tongue and rode them on my trainer. After a couple of rides, I tested them outdoors on a ride and I found that they did not bother me at all, definitely did not dig in or hurt. I did replace the insoles with the Specialized BG insoles and found that it also made a difference in comfort over the stock insoles. Several rides now and I've found these shoe to be amazingly comfortable.

>Rating: 2

They hurt!!

I've used it several times
Runs large
Size Bought
6` 2"
177 lbs

This is my 4th pair of SIDI over the last 15+ years and I'm sorry to say this relationship needs to be over. A couple of years ago I bought a pair of Shot and never really loved them. those ratchets sitting on top of the shoes slightly bothered the top of my right foot, but it was something i could live with + it got a little better w time. When i bought the Wire 2 I had a lot of hopes since the top ratchet was moved to the side. Well, what a disaster. Like two other guys suggested they hurt your ankles a lot! Wore them twice on a 3 hr ride, but there comes a point when you need to walk out of a toxic relationship. Good bye SIDI. Cycling is painful enough w/o need for uncomfortable shoes. And BTW, they run big... so big that I thought they send me the "wide" size. Question is, what shoes am I going to get next...??

>Rating: 3

Pain in Ankles

I've used it several times
True to size
Size Bought
5` 9"
154 lbs

Similar to Douglas S, I have been using the shoes for about 2 weeks now, and the tongue and in-step closure are digging into the front of both ankles enough to cause pain and tenderness while riding. I’m told by several others this pain goes away as the tongue gets software with use, so I’m willing to ride it out. Funny this has never been an issue with my previous Sidi’s which I’ve used for 11 years. Excepting this, the carbon sole is plenty stiff and has reduced the pain in my arches. And the shoes look super nice and are comfortable otherwise.

>Rating: 3

Too small

I returned this product before using it
Runs small
Size Bought
6` 1"
190 lbs

I have 3 pairs of Sidi's all 43.5 and fit great. These are simply too small by .5 to 1 size. Recommend going for at least half size up. By the time I received them there were no 44.0 left so will have to go without. Seemed a nice shoe not sure if they equate to the price tag but didn't get the chance to try them.

>Rating: 3

Shoes are great, except...

I've used it several times
True to size
Size Bought
150 lbs

The shoes fit really well, and are very comfortable for long rides with one exception. The center of the tongue and/or instep strap presses into the front of my ankle at the bottom of the stroke. This causes bruising and pain that lasts for days, much worse on one foot vs the other. If I could figure out how to make this not happen, the shoes would get 5 stars.

Hi Doug - look on the Sidi instructions or website - you can cut the tongue down. I have some Ergos and had the same problem. Though I know I could cut the tongue down, I just kept wearing them. Now they do not bother me.

Doug and Perry, wanted to follow up on this as I am experiencing similar pain in the front of my ankles. I tried cutting the tongue, but doesn’t help. Was thinking that the pain is due to a combination of the in-step closure system and the inside corner where the closure system meets the actual side of the shoe. Did the pain eventually go away? Any other suggestions, as the shoe looks and feels great otherwise.

>Rating: 5

Great shoe, made a difference!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
Runs small

I had been using a basic Giro shoe with a flexible sole you can bend by hand for years (injected nylon sole). Riding a 2013 Giant Propel Advanced SL. I feel like I have a shoe with a level of performance now that is matched well to the bike. This purchase was my third attempt on this site to find an upgrade that fit me well and locked down firmly. They were great with the two returns I made, and finally these came and fit perfectly right away. Sidi recommended a full euro size up, which was too big, I went up a half size and it was perfect. I like the tecno 3 locks for the top and forefoot a lot, better than any other fastening system I've tried. They are not hard to adjust while riding, even with a full finger glove. I cranked a few turns on the heel retention too, the shoes fit very firmly with no pain. The soles are incredibly stiff and it made pedaling seem easier too. These dont budge when attempting to bend it. My ride today felt a lot better with these shoes and I'm excited to go out again. They are expensive, but almost all the parts are replaceable, including the rubber toe piece which I wear down a lot. I want the most out of my rides and this shoe helped step that up for me, I'd absolutely recommend it.

>Rating: 5

Love these shoes

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size
Size Bought
5` 6"
208 lbs

The fit on these shoes is classic SIDI. It's a SMIDGE tighter on the whole and the toebox than my 2011 Sidi Dominator 5 MTB style shoes, but on the whole trying them on one after the other its barely noticeable.. The tecno 3 system is awesome, puttting them on and taking them off is a snap and I love the strap across the top paired with the wires for the main area fit wise. Though I do wish you could microadjust tighter and not just loser; it really wasnt an issue.. Usually as a i ride I end up needing to tighten a bit on my old shoes, but that wasnt the case with these.. just supremely comfortable. My very first ride with them was a 50 mile trek with 2000 ft of climbing, and having suffered from achilles injuries on both sides i loved the adjustable heel retention which i tightened a smidge and didnt agitate my achilles area at all. I love the stiffness of the sole and the venting. It's just enough for me and I'm someone who's always warm and the ride went from 70F to 94F as the day went on.. one of my vents would not open so they are exchanging them out for me which shoes the commitment to customer service IMHO.

>Rating: 1

Sizing Varies Wildly from Previous Sidi

I've used it several times
Runs large
Size Bought
6` 5"
205 lbs

Really disappointed. I had previously owned a pair of sidi wire shoes, which I’ve loved and put upwards of 10,000 miles on. When it came time to purchase a new pair, I didn’t think twice about opting for another pair of the latest Sidi wire shoes. This time, i took the opportunity to try the lates technology, in the form of the “Wire 2.” The Wire 2 has relocated the BOA dials to be directly on top of the show, which precludes the wearer from being able to tighten the shoe any further than the width of the BOA dial, which leaves the shoes a bit too loose for my taste, or from what I have been accustomed with my previous shoe. Additionally, I had taken for granted that the sizing from one Sidi shoe to the next would be identical, and this simply has not been the case. The Wire 2 seems to run at least a size or possibly two sizes larger than my previous shoe. I had the shoes for more than 30 days before I rode with them, and thus, they are no longer returnable. So, I am unfortunately stuck with a pair of $400 shoes that are too big, despite being marked as a new incarnation of the same model I had previously owned. My advice to prospective buyers would be to absolutely try your shoes on in the home before mounting cleats or using outside. You might also consider ordering your traditional size in addition to a size down, for comparison’s sake, and then returning one or both if you are not satisfied.

Funny they fit me just fine in 42.0 just like my 2011 Sidi Dominator 5 shoes did. Also they arent BOA dials, and only ONE is on top of the shoe. one is on the side. Not really the shoes fault you waited more than 30 days to try them on.

Check eBay Assos me now has several choices at better prices

I have to agree that the fit on these is a huge departure from previous (late model Wire and Air) versions. I have a shoe problem and have 7 or 8 pairs of Sidis. I can honestly say this one is truly big. I ended up resolving the size issue with a large volume insert... not really an ideal solution, but at least I can wear them. If I get another pair of these in a different color, I will be sizing down.