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Find the right bike for your riding style

Your ride should match your mindset as much as your skill set.

The Hammerdog

You're active in your local cross-country race scene, you compete on Strava, or you are simply a masochist. You seek big mileage and fast laps, so you shred yourself on climbs and preserve your advantage on descents. You value efficiency.

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The Guru

You live on your bike. You might race cross-country, endurance, or even enduro, but racing is not your primary focus. To you, mountain biking is about constantly expanding your skill set, conquering new trails, and earning thrills. A technical challenge is a chance to prove your mettle. You value versatility.

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The Daredevil

You're a fiend for gravity. When approaching a treacherous line, you send first and ask questions later. You're amped about the rise of enduro racing, because 'climb steady, descend wide open' has been your mindset all along. You value high-speed stability and traction.

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