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Pinnacle Apparel

Take a closer look at the 2019 Giordana
FormaRed Carbon and NX-G lines.

Best Of The Best

We make no secret of our affinity for Giordana apparel. Expertly blending carefully tailored fits, exceptional materials, and an eye for detail, Giordana is a true family owned business that hand crafts its clothing at home in its native Italy. Not only has this approach earned global acclaim, it also produces apparel that we regularly select for our most memorable rides. And even among such exceptional attire, there are bound to be standouts. Enter the pinnacle FormaRed Carbon and NX-G lines. Read on to get familiar with Giordana’s most advanced lines of riding apparel.

FormaRed Carbon

The race proven FormaRed Carbon line has long been a standout in its class, and although the FR-C Pro bib short tends to steal the show, its siblings are no less remarkable. Expect sleek, aggressive fits and masterfully crafted patterns that hold these pieces close to the body, all but eliminating bunching, flapping, and chafing. Shorts are built to offer a compressive hold that shields the muscles from fatigue’s damaging effects, while the jackets and jerseys pack a range of features that allow them to cover the full range of conditions you’ll experience throughout the season. For time tested, race worthy attire, FormaRed Carbon remains an undisputed benchmark.

Detailed zoom in of jersey zipper
Top women's jersey fucsia color
Back men's jersey blue color
Detailed zoom in women's shorts
Detailed logo men's blue jersey
Black lady knicker


For those seeking the most advanced cycling apparel available today, the NX-G line absolutely deserves a spot on your list. Denoting Giordana’s “Next Generation” pieces, NX-G is where cutting edge technologies and materials are employed without limitation, and the results are stunning. Each of these pieces exists to fulfill a specific need or to fill a gap, from the comfort enhancing graduated compression of the NX-G bib short, to the watts shaved by the NX-G Crono shoe cover. Racers, the tech obsessed, and those seeking unique solutions will find much to like within the pinnacle NX-G line.

Detailed zoom in logo on men short
Detailed zoom in logo men jersey
Black men short
Texture detail on women jersey sleeve
Detailed logo men light blue jersey
Black women short