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Perfectly Refined

The exceptional R1 Infinito cycling shoe is now available in Competitive Cyclist-exclusive colors.

Without Limits

As Fi'zi:k's premier shoe offering, the R1 Infinito can rightly be considered a masterclass in cycling footwear design. This fact should be unsurprising considering that every aspect of Fi'zi:k's approach, right down to its very name, is driven by a desire to better understand the physiological needs of athletes. And when you add in a dash of that inimitable Italian flare, the results are simply magnificent.

Starting from the ground up, the R1 Infinito is built on a ventilated unidirectional carbon fiber sole that not only ensures peak power transfer, but aids in active cooling at the foot, reducing the rider's core temperature at one of the most effective heat shedding locations on the body. The cooling is enhanced by a perforated Microtex upper, which has been built to nearly eliminate seams while maximizing the upper's ability to conform to the foot. Paired with the dual Boa closures, the result is an extremely precise fit that accommodates a surprisingly wide range of foot volumes and shapes.

In the highly competitive premium shoe space, the R1 Infinito stands out as one of the very best shoes we've ridden to date. As such, it should come as little surprise that we're now offering this outstanding shoe in a Competitive Cyclist-exclusive color option. Consider it a signature touch on a shoe that represents, in our estimation, the high-water mark for today's cycling footwear.

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