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What are credits & how do I earn credits?

Credits Logo

Credits are a way for us to reward valued customers or compensate customers for returned items. Look for this logo on product pages, promotions, or sales, make a qualifying purchase, and after your order ships, you’ll earn the amount in credits shown.

Credits can be used towards future purchases on backcountry.com, Competitive Cyclist, and dogfunk.com. You’ll see your credits balance on your account page and at the checkout. At the checkout, you can choose to use your credits or save them for a later purchase.

Should you choose to use your credits on a purchase and your credits balance exceeds the total purchase amount of your order, the difference between the purchase price and your available credits balance will remain in your account until those credits expire.

Credits are redeemed in the order that they were earned. Backcountry applies credits that expire sooner first, and credits that expire later are used last.

How do I use credits?

Credits can be redeemed at the checkout on backcountry.com, Competitive Cyclist, and dogfunk.com. At the checkout you’ll see a small box that indicates the your available credits balance. Just check the box displayed next to your available credits and those credits will be applied to your order.

All credits must be redeemed at once—there’s no option to apply only a portion of your credits to part of the balance of your order.

How do I know how many credits I have?

Your credits balance is displayed on your account page, at the cart, and at the checkout. You’ll see a small informational box on each of these pages that indicates your current credits balance.

Do credits expire?

Yes, credits expire.

Credits expire in the order that they’re earned, and because you earn credits through multiple purchases and on different days, some credits expire before others. When credits are redeemed toward a purchase, those credits expiring the soonest are applied first. Any remaining credits represent those that were earned most recently, and thus, expire last. This ensures that you always have the maximum amount of time to use any credits in your account.

Don’t worry, we’ll even send you a reminder email before your credits expire. You’ll always know how long you have to redeem your credits.

What happens when I return an item that earned me credits?

When you return an item that earned you credits, you'll lose those credits when we process your return. If you already spent the credits you earned, we'll deduct the value of those credits from your refund. Unspent credits will be deducted from your current credits balance.

What if I return an item I purchased with credits?

Should you return an item or items you purchased with credits, we’ll return to your your account the amount of credits you used to make the purchase. Return credits are applied to your account before any other payment method is considered when we process a return. Also, we give you at least 30 days to use your return credits, so you don’t have to worry about credits that were about to expire before you made your purchase.

How do credits work with price matching?

If you receive a price match when you purchase an item, you’re not eligible to earn credits on that item. You can price match or earn credits, but not both.

Are there restrictions on how I can use my credits?

Yes, some restrictions apply. Credits are non-transferrable between accounts on Backcountry stores, and employees of backcountry.com and its subsidiaries are not eligible to earn credits.

Credits and the surrounding programmatic functions are subject to change without notice.

Are there any fees associated with credits?

No. There are no fees or costs associated with credits. Just create a Backcountry account or log in to your existing account, make a qualifying purchase, and credits will be applied to your account.

What if I have more questions?

Chat in with a Gearhead or give us a call at 1-800-409-4502 if you have any questions about the credits feature, your balance, or how to redeem your credits.