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The Octal AVIP MIPS Helmet

The POC Octal AVIP MIPS Helmet is designed to keep you protected and comfortable so you have one less thing to think about while you’re riding your bike.

Rather than peppering the shell with a bunch of little vents, the engineers at POC realized they could create a helmet that was just as protective with less material, and the Octal was born.

The Raceday Climber Jersey

Staying cool is essential when you're pedaling near the redline, and POC's Raceday Climber Jersey is designed specifically to breathe, wick moisture, and keep you from overheating on the toughest climbs and hottest days.

The Trabec Race MIPS Helmet

The Trabec is made in a few different versions, and this one, the Race MIPS, is perhaps the most protective of them all. In addition the polycarbonate shell and the standard Aramid net within the EPS foam, the Race MIPS gets an expanded Aramid net to help reduce helmet breakup in the event of a major crash, as well as MIPS technology, which allows the helmet’s core to rotate slightly relative to its shell.

About POC

When POC opened up shop in 2005, the goal was simple—save lives and reduce the consequences of falling. The Swedish brand was originally focused on the skiing market, where it found nearly immediate acceptance through its sponsorship of top-level racers and freeskiiers. And with the inherent similarities between skiing and cycling, not to mention the overlap in participants, it wasn't much of a leap to dive headlong into building protection for those on two wheels. The launch of the Trabec helmet series was met with immediate praise, and the combination of its distinctive appearance and impressive protection won it legions of fans. The same can be said of POC's padding, which employs a proprietary material known as VPD. This lightweight, pliable material conforms naturally to the body, but stiffens under impact, which makes it a perfect choice for building lightweight, protective body armor. The combination of VPD and low profile cuts have made POC's body armor among the most sought after in the cycling world.

POC's venture into cycling became even more exciting when it launched the road line. The most noticeable piece was undoubtedly the Octal helmet, which provided ample coverage and plenty of protection, with a shape that was at once simple and modern, and unmistakably POC. But while the Octal got fans and racers talking, it might have been easy to overlook the excellent AVIP clothing lineup, and that would be a serious mistake. This high-visibility clothing was once again designed with rider safety as the primary concern, but wearing the well-cut and beautifully made pieces makes it immediately clear that safety doesn't come at the expense of comfort or quality. And with the addition of the Raceday line, which pairs race ready fits with a refreshingly clean aesthetic, it's clear that POC is dedicated to making the clothing that performs at the sport's highest levels as well. It's a story we expect to repeat itself—clothing and equipment that's driven in equal parts by a need for safety and a demand for products which riders simply love.