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The Synthe Helmet

Up until now you had to choose between an aero road helmet and one that won't leave you cooking in the summer heat. Enter the Synthe: With a drag value that competes with those of more aerodynamic helmets like the Air Attack, the Synthe helmet is built for speed, but large ventilation channels also allow it to shed heat with ease. Keep the speed and end the suffering with the Giro Synthe helmet.

The Empire SLX Shoe

The ultra-stiff and slim Easton EC90 SLX2 Carbon Sole is the chassis on which the 175 gram Empire SLX shoe is built. Traditional lacing provides an un-rivaled custom fit every time you put them on, complimented by Giro's SuperNatural FitKit footbed with swappable arch support. A performance shoe this comfortable is hard to overlook.

About Giro

When Giro introduced the Pro Light helmet in 1985, it changed the cycling world forever. In an era where leather hairnets were considered acceptable and riding helmetless was commonplace, the Pro Light's lightweight, breathable foam construction provided a previously unseen degree of safety. The effects are still being felt to this day.

It might be expected that Giro is still one of the undisputed market leaders in cycling helmets, from lightweight peloton favorites to Enduro-oriented half-shells and full-face helmets. Those same technologies have also made their way into ski and snowboard helmets as well, where Giro's expertise in creating lightweight head protection is equally appreciated. Integrating eyewear into ski helmets was a natural step, and Giro's snow goggles have earned a loyal following in their own right.

Giro's innovative approach to helmet design draws some of its inspiration from the intersection of sea and mountains at the brand's headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. The location made it a natural progression for Giro to develop the New Road collection of cycling clothing, which pairs race-inspired function with stylish, commuter-worthy silhouettes and proven technical materials. Additionally, Giro manufactures cycling and mountain bike shoes, gloves, and accessories that cater to the needs of professional, recreational, and lifestyle cyclists alike.