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The LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights

Your trusty Assos T.tiburu_s7 shorts and knickers are perfect for chilly fall days and early spring rides, but sometimes winter calls for more protection. Get covered with the Assos Men's LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights, which feature the soft, weather-blocking elements of their shorter counterparts but with full leg protection against the snow and cold.

The LL.bonkatights_s7

When it comes to bib tight fit, the LL.bonkaTights are the closest to perfection that we've had the opportunity to struggle into — in a word, they're magical.

The T.RallyShorts_S7

With their removable impact pads and slim fit, the Assos T.RallyShorts_S7 are Assos' very first offroad mountain bike-specific shorts. The T.RallyShorts_S7 are built off of the same S7 platform as Assos' road shorts, so you know these are of top quality.

About Assos

It's hard to believe, but Assos, a brand known for producing some of the world's finest cycling clothing, got its start not with clothing but with a bicycle. In 1976, Tony Maier-Moussa set out to build a carbon fiber track racing bike that offered significant aerodynamic advantages. However, while the bike itself was both undeniably futuristic and demonstrably fast, wind tunnel testing led Moussa to the conclusion that greater gains could be made by producing aerodynamic clothing.

By the late 1970s, extensive testing led the Assos team to Lycra, first with custom skinsuits, and later with cycling shorts, which they claim were the world's first. Admittedly, Castelli makes the same claim—and we can't say for certain, we do know is that this pioneering spirit and depth of experience converge in every piece of Assos clothing. This has earned the Swiss brand legions of loyal fans that few, if any, clothing companies can match.

From bib shorts and jerseys to sunglasses and chamois cream, Assos is renowned for fanatical attention to detail. This approach results in premium prices, but as legions of Assos fans will confirm, the combination of exceptional fit and truly remarkable durability makes the expense entirely justifiable for those who put in serious miles.