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Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire -29in
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Item # SCH001G

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  • Evo, Liteskin, PaceStar, 29x2.10 ($33.95)
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Item # SCH001G


Cross-country jet wings.

The Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire is exactly what it sounds like: a racing tire. This thing is built for pure speed, and — when Schwalbe blew it up to 29er size — it may be the fastest cross country tire on the market. This isn't a jumbo passenger jet, though, it's a fighter jet, and its speed-oriented qualities recommend it only for race day. It might not be durable enough for use as a year-round training tire, but you can't beat Ralph when the only thing that matters is speed.

Ralph's speed comes from Schwalbe's PaceStar compound. It has an easy-rolling base layer with a center strip of mid-durometer compound that lowers rolling resistance for speed in the straights. The shoulders are made from a softer compound to give extra grip while cornering or navigating terrain, but it's still firm. Ralph is made to fly on fast, clean courses.

Depending on your choice, you'll get one of two levels of puncture resistance. The LiteSkin option is, well, light, and tires with LiteSkin instead of SnakeSkin come in a claimed 70 grams lighter per tire. The SnakeSkin option gives much better puncture resistance, especially in the monofilament sidewalls, and the Tubeless Easy SnakeSkin makes for a smooth, hassle-free conversion to a tubeless setup.

The 29er-specific Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire is available in two variants and three sizes ranging from 29 x 2.10 to 29 x 2.35.

  • Recommended for cross-country racing
  • PaceStar triple compound
  • Tube or tubeless setup
  • Folding bead

Tech Specs

PaceStar triple compound
29 x 2.10, 29 x 2.25, 29 x 2.35
tube or tubeless
Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.10 w/tube 30 - 55, Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.10 tubeless 30 - 35, Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.25 w/tube 26 - 54, Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.25 tubeless 26 - 35, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.10 w/tube 30 - 55, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.10 tubeless 30 - 35, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.25 w/tube 26 - 54, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.25 tubeless 26 - 35, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.35 w/tube 23 - 50, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.35 tubeless 23 - 35
Claimed Weight:
Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.10 495 g, Evo, Liteskin, 29x2.25 535 g, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.10 585 g, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.25 605 g, Snakeskin, Tubeless Easy, 29x2.35 705 g
Recommended Use:
Manufacturer Warranty:

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Unanswered Question

Is this tire tubeless ready?

Avg. ride time: 1h 29m per week
  • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.


    In numbers, the schwalbes sound excellent. They are lightweight, fast rolling and surprisingly grippy. That said, I have never had a schwalbe tire last more than a month. The reason they are so light and fast is because the sidewalls are basically paper, not only that but the material is weak and susceptible to tearing and flats. If you want a tire that performs similarly, and costs the same, and lasts much longer, check out the MAXXIS Ardent Race tires. Trust me, they're better.

    Perfect race tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    When it comes to race tires this is my go to. I have been sponsored by them for a couple years now and I love them. The tread pattern is amazing. It is fast rolling and grips like no other in the corners. You can really let it hang out there in a corner on any terrain in your next xc race. It is the perfect compound you could ask for in a race tire.

    Schwalbe Race Tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Sticky and icky. These grippy bad boys are the go to during race day. Regardless of the moisture these tires help rip around the corners and are a staple in my quiver of tires. Here in Austin, the limestone can get slick and a bit tricky but the tire cuts through the noise and gives you a secure ride. The only downfall is that they rubber wears a bit faster than some tires, so you will have to replace more frequently than you might like. Again, a great race tire but you can chew through them on casual rides.

    Not what they used to be

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have used past versions of this tire for years. They were an excellent balance of durability and weight. I had a 2.4 in my front for over three seasons. The ran the newer version (29er 2.25 snakeskin) for about a month this summer. It handles very well when there are no sharp rocks. Any rocky trail resulted in pinch flats despite running it tubeless. I never had this issue with the older Ralphs. The durability of this version is highly questionable as well. The picture shows the front and rear tire after about a month of riding. The rear tire's knobs are getting pretty chewed up while the front looks great. This does not show all of the pinch-flat holes in the paper thin sidewalls. I switched the tires out before they were near wearing out due to continual pinch flats no matter what pressure I ran. These tires are also quite heavy for what they are. Mine weighed 837 g vs the usual 600-700 g for similar tires such as the Mezcal and X King (my X King 2.4 29er weighed 712g). Do yourself a favor and avoid these tires. The X King is great for sidewall durability but the knobs do tend to wear quickly. The Mezcal is another good option that is a bit wider than the X King for a given width, wears a bit better, but does not have quite as much sidewall protection. I hope this helps!

    Not what they used to be

    Hey Ian!
    Thanks for the review on these tires. Reach out if there's anything I can do for ya or if you'd like some other tire recommendations.

    Great Feel, Heavier Than Expected

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I got the Snakeskin version of the tire which is supposedly safer to run with Tubeless setups and was surprised by how heavy it felt. Given peoples issues with durability, I'm curious to see how it holds up. Have only ridden it a few times but it seems to have blown up pretty narrow for a 2.35 as well.

    Not just a race tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have used the Racing Ralph on two different 29er builds, as both a front and rear tire. Up front the Racing Ralph left me a bit wanting in the tracking department in both hard pack and loose dirt and rock. The tread pattern lends itself to better traction as a rear tire. Durability is good and I usually get more than a full season off of a pair.

    Not just a race tire
    Avg. ride time: 6h 46m per week
    • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

    Not for anywhere with rocks

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Third ride out on the snakeskin version of this tire and I find myself stuffing in a tube and a clif bar wrapper. I crossed a small stream and sliced the sidewall on a submerged rock. It was close to a long walk out. Skip this tire if you ride anything rocky.

    Great Performance/Easy to Damage

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Currently running Racing Ralph or Rocket Ron on the back of an Air 9 Carbon depending on the conditions. It is a race/race prep only bike so I was running the Lite Skin. Great grip. Very confidence inspiring until the 2 hour walk out of the dark woods because of a side wall cut that could not be repaired (and of course everything was hosed down with sealant). Switching to the Snake Skin on the unsprung rear where it takes more of a beating. Just too easy to cut the Lite Skin. Keeping the Lite Skin on the front.

    Avg. ride time: 3h 2m per week
    • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.


      These Liteskin models came with my new bike. They say 2.25 and they actually are that wide, i measured with calipers. It took several tries to fully seal them since the sidewalls are so thin that you have to get the sealant to the sides everywhere theres a pinhole. From the start i noticed very little rolling resistance and really great cornering...but for my weight 205lbs, at 33psi the sidewalls would give under hard cornering at high speed. In rough terrain like gravel, that psi had the bike skipping and sliding everywhere...but dropping to 23psi helped and was good as long as I didnt go too fast. On my 2nd ride, i rode through some grass and something left a 2mm slit in the center, all the sealant gushed out and the 2mile walk commenced. All in all, it is fast, but the terrain better be hardpacked and clean.

      Avg. ride time: 6m per week
      • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

      Perfect "Event" tire

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have used these tires for two years in a row at Leadville and they have served me right each time with no cuts/tears or flats. These tires are very fast, light and they are exactly what you want to have under you when you train all year for a single day. These are pretty soft rubber, so they do wear quickly which is why I clasify them as an event only tire but these are also the reasons for their high performance and light weight.

      All arounder

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The Racing Ralph is a great multi-trail use XC/Trail tire. The center knobs roll quickly and provide traction on slippery climbs. While the edge knobs add extra grip in the corners. I prefer running the Racing Ralph rear and a Rocket Ron front. Both in the 2.25in width.

      Trashed in less than a month???

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      These are very fast, but....they won't last very long and they are VERY expensive. The edges 'hook and tear' much to easily. Germans should be ashamed to sell tires that fall apart so quickly. Look at these pictures- These are just 3 weeks. Yikes!!

      Trashed in less than a month???
      Avg. ride time: 27m per week
      • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

      great tack, great speed

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I haven't used a tyre this good in some time. Solid traction on almost all conditions and it doesn't break the bank. All in all i'm a huge fan of the rubber.

      Avg. ride time: 2h 48m per week
      • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

      Fast, fast, FAST...

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've been running Ralphs on my 29ers for the last 2-3 years. During that time I have simply fallen in love with them. Out of all that time, I've only had one serious, unrecoverable flat (and that was a couple weeks ago), and it wasn't even a sidewall tear. This tire is VERY fast and VERY light. Schwalbe suggests it's a race day only tire, and I would say it's smart of them to say that, but I use it almost every ride. Were I racing at this point, I would be using it without question. It only falls down in the grip department when it starts to loosen up pretty good.
      I originally ran these on the front and rear, but in the last year I've gone to a Nobby Nic in the front, which has definitely helped with confidence on the super loose, rocky descents we have here in NM. In fact currently I'm trying out the Rocket Ron on the rear, so we'll see how that compares after a few rides. Looking for just a bit more grip in this sandy crap!

      Schwalbes are expensive though, and the Ralph wears quicker than other less race-oriented tires to be sure. But then, do you want ultimate speed and performance or not?

      Incredibly light
      Incredibly low rolling resistance (read: FAST)
      Good grip in hard pack to slightly loose conditions
      Predictable in the corners
      Snakeskin versions (I would never run anything else in NM's rock gardens) have tough sidewalls

      Grip falls down when it gets pretty loose
      Wear quicker than a harder rubber tire
      Forget it in the mud

      Avg. ride time: 0m per week
      • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

      "Cross Country Jet Wings" is Accurate

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I use the evo snakeskin tubeless edition of this tire. Absolutely love it. The tire is grippy and yet rolls fast. It's minimal lugs don't hang up on anything. This tire in my experience excels in dry, hard-packed conditions. It's not as much of a monster truck on gnarly rocks and sticks, but if you find yourself in cross-country racing conditions, it's absolutely reliable, predictable, and worth the price tag.

      My go-to Nor Cal tire

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      My buddies and I all love Schwalbe Racing Ralphs! They're predictable, light, fast rolling, grippy, and generally kick ass. I've probably ridden 15 different tires and the Schwalbe Racing Ralph is my favorite XC tire overall. It's always my rear tried and almost always my front tire. The only time I question it is when the dust or mud is so deep that I want the bigger knobs of the heavier Nobby Nic. But for racing and fast riding, the Racing Ralph is my go to for both my hardtail 29er and my 100mm FS 29er.