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Pedro'sIce Wax 2.0 Chain Lube

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Item # PED0001

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Item # PED0001

Ice Wax 2.0 Chain Lube

Pedro's Ice Wax goes on wet, cleans your chain, and then dries to a slick finish that kicks butt in dry conditions. Out here in Utah, dry is an understatement for 90% of our riding days. Wet lubes pull the dust and dry dirt out of the air like a magnet, glopping up chains, causing missed shifts, and generally ruining our day (especially when we're trying to clean up afterwards). Pedro's solved the issue for us with Ice Wax, a dry, graphite-based lube that actually cleans your chain when you apply it, and then dries completely so dust and dirt won't stick. Applied early and often, it solves arid-weather chain woes.

Tech Specs
Recommended Usedamp to dry MTB and road bike chain lube
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime

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>Rating: 1

Never again

Ordered this and they shipped my the old ice wax sent it back for a refund and I got $3.57 back when they are fauls advertising the ice wax 2.0 and shipping out old ice wax and I sent a email to customer service didn’t get a response.. Thanks for nothing

>Rating: 5

great for dry and dusty

I've used it several times

Works great in dry dusty conditions like we have here in Utah. Hasn't gunked up so far like some other lubes designed for riding through muddy conditions.

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

I wanted to wait until I had a few hundred miles on this lube before writing a review. I'd been using T9 on my chain/components for the last couple years but become unsatisfied with its "dusty conditions" performance, so I wanted to try a true dry lube. I train every morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains and with the CA drought it's been very dry! The usual fluffy trails are now dry, dusty, and loose. It's also been taking havoc on my components and requiring a lot of time to maintain. After switching to this lube, I can barely tell I rode 100 miles by looking at my chain. In fact, my frame will be covered in dust and my chain/cassette will look new! This stuff TRULY repels dust and keeps it from gunking up your goods. I also noticed significant shifting performance near the end of long dusty rides. Keep you riding smooth for your entire ride!

>Rating: 4

My go to lube

I've put it through the wringer

I hate dirty chains. Ice Wax keeps your chain clean. You need to apply it every time you ride, but who cares? I'm noticing that while it holds up okay on long road rides (70-90 miles), it doesn't do as good of a job on long MTB rides (40-60 miles) -- even in dry conditions. Overall though, this is my go-to lube for most occasions. Been using it for over 15-years (minus when Pedro's was on a hiatus).

>Rating: 4

good product

I've put it through the wringer

This is a good lube as it cleans your chain and also lubes it. I'm guilty of not cleaning my chain often and this helps to ease the pain. A little goes a long way also so it does last.

>Rating: 5

Works like it should

My chain was in a very sad state before I bought the Ice Wax 2.0. This stuff cleaned it right up, and kept it cleaning after hitting some very dusty trails. The price is right and it does the job. Get some for your chain!

>Rating: 3

Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0 Chain Lube

I am not such a fan of waxy chain lube for road cycling. It attracts too much dirt and grime for me. Not too sure how it goes for a mountain bike, but my experience for road bikes is to stick to a wet lube that is very fine.

>Rating: 5

Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0 is great for dry conditions

I have been using Pedro's Ice Wax for about two years: it works great in dry conditions, since the wax does not attract and hold dirt like an oily lube. Of course, in wetter conditions, you should choose a traditional lube, like Pedro's SynLube, which I also use on a regular basis.

>Rating: 4

2.0 is thicker than prior version

The 2.0 version is thicker than their prior Ice Wax (at least my bottle is). That's a plus in my mind because it lasts longer on the chain (takes longer to get to the point that the chain is noisy again). I thought I would really like this lube for my chain, but I've ended up just thinking it's a bit above average. Even with a really good wiping after every application, it tends to build up on my jockey wheels of my derailleur and cause problems there. I have not used it on any non-chain parts (too much build-up when it dries, and too thick to penetrate tight places that don't have a lot of movement to work it in). I still use it on some of my bikes, especially because after it dries, it's pretty clean and it lasts longer than other wax based lubes I've used. But, I'm always watching out for build-up that I have to remove.


what is the drying time until you can use...

what is the drying time until you can use your bike with pedros ice was 2.0

If you give your chain a wipe after applying Ice Wax you can significantly reduce the build-up that goes with many wax lubes. This will also reduce the dry time and make the bike ride able within minutes of lubing your chain. Applied properly, dry time is almost a non issue.

In my experience in a dry climate, it takes about 10 minutes to dry, if it's been wiped well after application. I'll sometimes go sooner, and this wax lube seems to be OK when I start out with it still wet (better than White Lightning, for example).

>Rating: 5

Improved Ice Wax

Pedros Ice Wax has been my go to wax for our dry mountain biking here in Utah and for my road bike, and I'm pumped that this "2.0" version is biodegradable. I will say Pedros does a nice job of keeping things environmentally friendly. This stuff goes on pretty cleanly as it's thicker than White Lightening and doesn't drip as much, and works very well. The large bottle I got has a regular tip on it, not aerosol. I always use this wax unless I know I will be in wet conditions.

>Rating: 5

Cool Stuff

Its pretty dry here in Utah, so Chain Wax is a must. Its not as hard to apply as some people make it out to be.

>Rating: 5

ice wax

I love this stuff. I use it religiously on my chain and all my components, and it has kept everything running smooth for 10 years. just put it on before a ride, wash it off after and put on more. it can get built up if you don't wash it off.

>Rating: 5


Pedros is AWESOME. This Ice Wax is great for Utah riding where it's always nice and dry. I've used White Lightning for years and find this very comparable. However, the Ice Wax scores some points by being a little thicker when applying. White Lightning can squirt all over while the ice wax sticks to it for better application. I HIGHLY recommend this stuff to ANYONE for mountain or road.

>Rating: 5

Pedro's Ice Wax is the best

I've used white lightning as well but Pedros Ice Wax dispenses much cleaner and easier. If you ride in Dry conditions or slightly wet, wax lube is the best. It stays on your chain and gives a nice dry feel to it. It does not come off until you take it off. It's great on weekend bike/camp trips where you might not have the luxury of washing your bike after every ride.

>Rating: 4

Does the job

This goop is pretty great. Cleans and coats the chain, easy to apply, all in all a great product.

>Rating: 4

Pretty good

This did its job, my chain is lubed and the dust buildup was less than most other lubes. The areosol is a little tricky but the foam action helps disperse the lubey goodness. My chain now blows me kisses when ever I see it, so make your chain happy.

>Rating: 4

Better than goopy.

Like it. Not quite as well as White lightning, but is works well.

>Rating: 4

Works good, goes on bad

This is good stuff but its hard to apply. It sprays way to much out and in a strait line. Hard to cover all of your parts without using the entire bottle. May get 3 uses out of it because of the way it wastes product.

>Rating: 5

Great Dry Wax

I have used Pedro's Ice Wax for a while now. If you live in a dry dusty area and do most of your riding in these conditions, it's the way to go. It produces a dry waxy shell around your chain. When you take it off it leaves your chain clean as you could ever ask for.

i have used Ice Wax for some time. now the contents of the bottle is like thick and cream and will not squeeze out of the bottle. how does one thin Ice Wax?