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Civilian Bicycle Co.

Civilian Bicycle Co. on Competitive Cyclist

About Civilian Bicycle Co.

The first Civilian bicycle was forged in a small garage in 2005. It was made by hand by Tyson Hart, a lifelong cyclist with a passion for crafting bicycles as unique as the riders who rode them. From his days turning wrenches in the back of a poorly-lit bike shop to dodging taxis as a bicycle messenger to perfecting his craft as a frame builder, Tyson has always been inspired by the beauty, efficiency, and simplicity of a well-designed bicycle. Now, with the same fervor, he brings his experience to the masses, offering cyclists the kind of rides they yearn for - bikes with clean lines, smart styling, and unique features.

Whether you're braving the morning commute or competing on the local race circuit, Civilian designs a bicycle for you. With an acute understanding of what cycling means and unmatched attention to detail, a Civilian is more than the sum of its parts. it's an extension of who they are, and this is reflected in every bike.

you'll see a unique logo on every Civilian. His name is Clayton. He's the more youthful, irreverent, and sometimes deviant alter ego of Civilian's founder. Standing curiously at attention, he seems to have something up his sleeve. He serves to remind us that cycling is fun and keeps us young, and with Clayton along for the ride, we all have more fun.