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Turner on Competitive Cyclist

    About Turner

    After years of designing and producing bikes based around Horst link or TNT suspension designs, Dave Turner has introduced dw-link to his suspension bikes. While not one who goes looking for change, he isn't afraid to confront it if the change advances his product. And that's the case here. Turner was able to achieve through dw-link, what he'd been trying to through the manipulation of the rear wheel's axle path. it's all about the efficient pedaling dynamics he desires -- a bike that accelerates like a rocket, corners on rails, and can still soak up the worst a rock garden has to offer. We think he's nailed it. True to form, we attribute this in large part to the tandem effort of Turner and Dave Weagle (the DW of dw-link) carefully placing the pivots that help to control and limit the lengthening of the chain during the shock cycle, so you'll feel no suspension-induced "kick-back." Apart from the suspension design, the other signature detail of Turner bikes is their near-exclusive use of journal bearings instead of cartridge bearings. Journal bearings are commonly known as "bushings", and Turner insists on using them because of their amazingly high tolerances -- they're precise to within one-half of one- thousandth of an inch. And, they are extremely resistant to lateral flexing and feature superhard coated aluminum pivot shafts are not prone to rusting like ball bearings. Since sealed bearings in a suspension pivot never make a full rotation, the load is consistently resting on 2 to 3 balls within the race. Ultimately, those bearings become ovalized from wear, and suspension performance quickly deteriorates. The bushings used by Turner have the ability to carry a load far greater than that produced by a bicycle frame, which translates into durability and serious lateral stiffness, allowing a Turner to track beautifully through roots, rocks, ruts and whatever else gets in its way. Turner has received sustained critical acclaim for what has become its signature bike, the 5 Spot, a 5" travel trail bike. it's been Turner's all-time best seller by a long shot. Turner injected the soul of the 5 Spot into two models that have achieved similar success -- the 4" travel Flux, and 120mm travel 29er Sultan. And Geoff Kabush of Team Maxxis claimed NORBA championships in both Elite men's XC and Short Track in 2004 on a Turner. (This isn't the first time Turner bikes have graced the top spot on NORBA or UCI podiums -- many larger companies' factory teams have ridden Turner bikes to glory with "after-market" decals.) Turner's understated aesthetic is indicative of their company philosophy that function precedes fashion -- no flashy graphics, just beautiful riding, finely-crafted frames designed by Turner and his staff at the 2500 square foot Turner Suspension Bicycles facility in Murrieta, CA.