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Toko on Competitive Cyclist

    About Toko

    Over the past ninety-plus years, Toko has developed a wide range of products to ensure you can leave your comrades in your snow-dust whether you're a snowboarder or an alpine, skate, or cross-country skier. Trusted by national teams, service technicians, and athletes all over the world, Toko brings you some fine wax to slather over your bases, like the Toko System-3 Flide Wax and the Toko Dibloc LF Hot Wax. Toko knows you like to give your skis or board extra TLC, so it designed an assortment of user-friendly products to make the waxing and tuning process a cinch, like the Nordic Ski Vice, Wax Cork, Base Brush, and Plexi Blade Wax Scraper. So, instead of wondering why your partner, friend, teammate or competitor schooled you the other day, make sure your gear is taken care of with Toko, and in return, it'll take care of you.