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Teva on Competitive Cyclist

    About Teva

    Mark Thatcher, a Colorado river guide in the Grand Canyon, created the first Teva sandal 25 years ago when he laced webbing through the heel of his flip-flops. With a focus on innovation, Teva's line grew from those amphibious roots to cover not only your rafting and river-crossing treks, but also fast-paced hikes, casual strolls around town, and beach vacations. The word Teva (pronounced 'teh-vah') means 'nature' in Hebrew and still very much encompasses the company's passion. Teva works through non-profit organizations and partnerships like the Waterkeeper Alliance to help protect and clean up the earth's rivers, lakes, and coasts, and to sponsor national clean-up tours. The Teva brand combines a passion for adventure in the outdoors with a commitment to protecting and respecting the environment so you can enjoy nature while helping to preserve it.