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SpeedplayZero Aero Walkable Cleats

Item # SPP000F

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Item # SPP000F

Stay on your feet.

Walking in road shoes can be awkward, but Speedplay's Zero Aero and Ultra Light Action Walkable™ Cleats have an integrated rubberized housing that stays on when riding and takes the sketchiness out of cafe entryways and slippery ground when walking. The housing also protects the metal part of the cleat from wear, and has a low profile that allows a natural, comfortable gait. The cleats also have removable rubber cover plugs called Cleat Buddies that snap into the cleat cavity to seal out dirt. Speedplay Walkable™ Cleats are compatible with all standard three- and four-hole shoes.

The manufacturer notes that the Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats are not compatible with Speedplay Ultra Light Action and X-Series pedals.

  • Speedplay's cleats make walking in road shoes comfortable
  • Rubberized housing protects cleat from slick floors
  • cleats are compatible with 3 and 4-bolt shoes
  • Removable cleat covers seal out dirt and mud
  • Pairs with Speedplay pedals except the Ultra Light Action and X-series pedals
Tech SpecsWeight
Tech Specs
0 - 15°
Speedplay Zero pedals
Recommended Use
road cycling, triathlon
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Actual Weight

Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team.

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Yellow, One Size

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Great cleats

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Circlet ring can be expanded to ease clipping in and out. Makes walking easier as advertised. Love speedplay products.

Great cleats!

    I switched from the regular Speedplay cleats to these walkable ones. So much easier getting around without having to put those black covers on that always fall off and no worries of wearing down the cleat. I wish I had switched sooner.

    I think they are actually easier to clip in also. The rubber cleat acts like a funnel and helps to guide the petal into the cleat.

    Hello, I have a Peloton bike, a new pair of Shimano shoes! I have a Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot and I’m looking to see if there is a cleat that I can get that goes more midsole than forefoot??

    Hi Rick,

    I have metatarsal issues and the only relief I get is from mid-sole cleats! Speedplay has an extender kit for moving cleats towards the arch. You need to buy speedplay pedals, the extender kit, and walkable cleats - and you'll be feeling better soon!

    It's's excellent

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I've been using Speedplay Zeros for over a decade and they work perfectly for me. These new walkables are the same excellent quality and work as advertised.

    Does the trick

      I have been riding speedplay pedals since I was a teenager. While I was originally put off by the walkable cleat when it switched over from the old model, I have come around. No more slipping and sliding on gas station floors when refueling on a 5 hour ride. No more hearing the crunch of small rocks against the metal cleat. These things last longer than before but still need to be replaced more so than other cleats. A small price to pay for riding the best pedal on the market (IMHO)

      Could've been a five star review...

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've used SpeedPlay for years and I love them. No looking down just step and click in. It doesn’t get easier. They're on both my road bikes. Use them with a four hole SpeedPlay shoe and the lower stack height feels even better. These walkable cleats are a great upgrade to a great pedal system. Which, honestly I always felt it was kind of goofy that you had to walk on bare metal with the older ones and had to buy covers for them. The rubberized plastic cover over the entire cleat on this version makes a whole lot of sense. It stays in place, it’s durable, and keeps the cleats protected. Which eliminates the whole wearing out of the screw head issue the old versions had. Which, probably means replacing them less and just replace the housing alone when they wear. Making them a better value than the older exposed version.

      Darn it though! Those twist off covers are my one disappointment with these. They come off too easily! It's too bad. The idea is awesome but they are more work than they're worth. I just leave them off and tuck them in my pocket. They do snap together nicely and are much smaller and easier to carry than the rubber covers I’ve used on the old version for years. However, unless I have to walk over gunk and want to avoid jamming them up, they will probably remain unused.

      I give these walkable cleats five stars and subtract one for the lame twist off covers.

      As always Alex, your reviews are some of the best out there and really help our community of riders. Thank you for being such a great customer of mine.

      The Best! (complaints mostly user error)

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've used Speedplays for over 3 years and really love them. They allow a great deal of float options which is healthy for the knees and they are awesome racing and clicking in and out constantly on a group ride through town, as you don't need to look down or worry about which side is up.

      The walkable covers don't come off if installed correctly (you have to really push them down on and make sure they interface with the screws on the side). If they do come off when properly installed, it may mean yours are old and worn and need replacement, which is pretty cheap.

      As for the 3 screws that hold the base plate onto your shoe, make sure to use some Loctite when mounting them. This keeps them from eventually loosening. For the four positioning screws that mount the cleat to the base plate, make sure not to tighten one too much before you get all of the others threaded and in as well. Then spread the tightening around until you get them all nice and firm. The tolerance on these is pretty tight. I like the design, however, as a quick loosening of them allows me to adjust the cleat inward or outward a good amount should that be necessary when putting them on a new pair of shoes.

      I find the color options to be fun for the aero/walkable covers and haven't slipped on my arse once in these at the coffee shop or otherwise. I also bought those little strips that make the cleat even more aero for an extra $10. Maybe I'm dumb, but then again, maybe I'm saving 1 watt in my cat 3 race! Look out now!!!

      The only caution I would give is that you should never use the road version of these for a non-hard pack gravel ride or a ride in the snow. You'll get mud/ice packed in that cleat hole faster than Mary Poppins can open her umbrella. Learned that the hard way on a prep ride for the BWR, having to climb Double Peak with only one foot able to clip in. Not fun!

      The quality is horrible

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have had these for less than 3 months and have had both fail where the cleat spring meets the nylon. Seems like a bad design as it happened to both of my cleats leading to slop in the shoe pedal connection.

      Only got about 50 rides out of them. Not sure if that qualifies as putting it through the ringer, but I guess I wore out both cleats so it has to.

      I bought a second set of the walkable cleats. Torqued each screw appropriately and broke my second set of these in 7 months. The actual metal c clip that connect to the pedal sheared off this time. My old speedplay cleats would last 1-2 years. The walkable ones seem to be made like garbage.

      Failed after five rides

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      After five rides on perfectly normal roads, one of the covers of these cleats fell off. Speedplay claimed it was normal wear and tear and refused to replace them. That equates to more than $10 per ride, which seems a bit stiff for a pair of cleats. Not only would I not recommend these to a friend, I would not recommend them to my sworn enemies.

      Are the cleats usable without the rubbers?

      Yes. The bumpers are an add on. They aren’t needed to function.

      Yes they are. Though any walking is quite treacherous without the rubber cover.

      Will buy again ... not quite 'walkable'

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Like pretty much everyone I suspect who uses the Zero cleats and has to put down their foot a lot due to lights/stops and then pushes off a bit to get going my only gripe with them was wearing off the metal and screws and having to purchase a whole new set of cleats because of one area of damage.

      These seemed a perfect antidote. Carrying around the plugs was never something I was going to do; so I have no comment on them. My experience with the yellow surrounding shield parallels all the negative comments on this review thread. They squeaked on climbs and the one on the 'push off' foot disappeared on the second ride.

      So why would I cheerfully by these cleats again? Because even w/o the bumper feature they're a big improvement. Discarding the bumpers gives you a lower profile cleat so you CAN walk more easily, not well, but better than the older design. But the main reason to pay extra for these is that the steel cover plate is MUCH tougher than the 'standard' version and its shape does a much better job of protecting the screws. Regardless of the bumper feature, for an extra $15 this are a better value.

      Simple solution- don't push off with the foot on the ground, that's a noob move. When you stop, rotate the crank backwards so your foot on a pedal is ready for a downstroke, lift your grounded foot while pushing down on the pedal, giving you enough forward momentum to roll while you clip your free foot in. MUCH easier than pushing off pavement on any road shoe, regardless of cleats.

      An improvement

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      First time using Speedplay's "walkable" cleats. Seems to do a better job gripping the ground off the bike and at red lights than the previous version. Looks to protect the cleat better as well so I'm hoping for a little longer life. The plugs seem like a good idea but I doubt that I'll bring them with on rides.

      Does a job

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Ha! I had some comments but they seem to be covered pretty thoroughly in the comments section here, so I will not beat this dead horse. A major gripe I had in the past with Speedplay is how slick their cleats are on concrete. They have been the cause of numerous off bike embarrassments, so when I saw a "walkable" version I was pretty stoked. In theory they are a game changer, in reality, they are expensive and not the most durable, I will agree with Larry H below, if you put in the time to ensure the covers are installed correctly, they seem to stay put pretty well, as long as you don't find yourself running a marathon in them. The design just needs some work. As for the comments on the hardware, the four bolts securing the cleat to the adapter plate can and are often over tightened which causes issues with entry and release, so as much as I do not like Phillips screws being used, I do not feel that hex bolts are a necessity.

      Great in Concept, Still Need Some Work

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I'm 190cm, 92kg, and ride 12,000+ km/yr. I've been using Speedplay for years after trying everything else out there. These cleats are, as advertised, easier to walk in, though I don't do much of that. The plugs are useless, I bin those automatically on installation. The soft plastic cover takes a little work to get snapped on completely, otherwise it will fall off. They also don't stay on if you do much twisting or turning while walking. I've had the cover come off a few times.

      Dear Speedplay, I hate you

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      (EDIT: but not as much as I did initially)
      A lot of us are really upset that you apparently discontinued V2 and are forcing us to buy these new "walkable" cleats. "Walkable" means you can no longer corner with confidence in a crit because your bulky soft plastic trinket may clip the ground in a most unpleasant way. "Walkable" also means you will pay the MOST ridiculous price for an item that was already overpriced. 40 bucks for cleats that wear out quickly and require much maintenance was bad. 55 bucks is now the pits. Worth taking another look at other pedal systems now.

      UPDATE: I really wanted to hate these, but I begrudgingly confess after several months of use the design does work pretty well; the yellow walkable portion does not wear down too quickly and actually does make walking easier; and I have not had too many problems cornering on my current setup. But I'm still not happy about the cleat price, and these are still a finicky, high-maintenance pedal and cleat option. From talking with others, people seem to have clear opinions on Speedplay one way or the other.

      Look Good, Work Well, Covers Need Work

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I am making the switch to Speedplay after using Look Keo for years. I liked the idea of the walkable cleats (I don't walk often but thought it would be nice) but the covers are a pain to get into place and I fear they will need to be replaced often due to stretching.

      Covers Fall Off

        Good idea if it worked. I'm on my 3rd set of walkable cleats and am going back to V2. In my experience, no matter how much care I take the walkable cleat covers just fall off. I found four along the roadway this summer that were unknowingly lost by other riders. I'm hoping that Speedplay improves their walkable design, but until they do, the regular V2 cleats are the best way to go.

        I agree completely. I have used the V2 for years and put cafe covers on if I need to "walk".

        Covers and plugs just don't work

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I purchased two sets of the new walkable cleats this summer. The cleats function well but seem a bit softer than the v2 cleats and are not wearing as well. The walkable covers, unfortunately, are terrible. I think they are too soft heavy use. The left covers (my step off foot most of the time) on two sets of shoes have deformed to the point where it was difficulty to clip in to the pedal. Both sets of covers loosened up after about 150 miles and I have since lost one of them on the road as well.

        We shouldn't even talk about the plugs, which do not stay in AT ALL, I'm talking for the 5 steps out of the house. My dog has already eaten one because it fell off in the few steps out the door. A Speedplay rep I spoke with on the phone told me that, "well, they're not really supposed to stay in..." Say what? Thats why I bought them in the first place. I have some replacements on the way after complaining to Speedplay and we'll see how these hold up. Judging by the reviews for these on Amazon, however, I'm not alone with these problems.

        Covers and plugs just don't work

        maybe you should try cleaning them!