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Speedplay on Competitive Cyclist

About Speedplay

Since 1991, Speedplay has been manufacturing utterly unique clipless pedals that provide tangible advantages, making them a steadfast favorite. Starting with the X series pedal, which is still in production to this day, Speedplay focused on building exceptionally lightweight pedals with adjustable float. They quickly caught on with discerning cyclists for the knee-saving benefits provided by a design with float that's both adjustable and non-centering, which frees the knee to track naturally throughout the pedal stroke. The X was followed up shortly thereafter by the Frog, another model which has been in production continuously since. As implied by its name, this mountain-focused pedal took the adjustability and lightweight design of the X, and adapted it to the rough and tumble world of mountain biking, where they quickly found a following for their ability to shed mud, at a time when other clipless pedal designs quickly clogged, making engagement impossible. Both the X and the Frog feature a design where all of the moving parts of the cleat/pedal interface are contained in the cleat. In addition to making for a remarkably lightweight pedal, this allows riders to fine-tune their float independently, not only per pedal, but per direction—a level of fine-tuning that's simply unrivaled by competing pedal designs.

In addition to the Frog and X series pedals, Speedplay now manufactures the Drillium and Brass Knuckle pedals for performance-minded fans of platforms pedals. Additionally, the X design has developed into today's Zero pedal series, which boasts a range of options including a range of spindle lengths to fine-tune a rider's Q factor. The recent addition of the Zero Aero pedal ushers in a new era for Speedplay, who claims that this is the most aerodynamically efficient pedal ever built. And the legions of Speedplay devotees, both elite and amateur, would agree that the enduring popularity of Speeplay's pedals isn't going away any time soon.