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SilcaPista Floor Pump

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Item # SLC0012

Don't get too bummed. This item is on the way and will be available for purchase as soon as it rolls into the warehouse.

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A classic.

The iconic Silca Pista floor pump has been a staple of the serious cyclist since its introduction in the 1920's. The classic aesthetics and its ability to be easily rebuilt has allowed many cyclists to keep the Pistas in their arsenal for many decades. The modern Pista preserves the best qualities of the original pump while making some thoughtful improvements. If you're looking for an upgrade over your existing pump or even your first one, go ahead and consider the Pista Floor Pump, it's a solid investment.

First off, Silca improved the gauge so it has +/-3-percent accuracy versus the original Pista's +/-5-percent. This ensures your tire pressure is repeatable with each use and your ride remains consistent. Silca adds aluminum reinforcements to the base housing protecting the gauge against damage from impacts which preserves its accuracy. A new chuck assembly works with both Presta and Schrader valves and includes a new bleed button for easy chuck removal.

The handle mirrors the original 1962 model made of Bakelite, an early plastic, with two hose grooves allowing the pump to lay flat in your trunk or toolbox. Silca now crafts the handle from Ash wood. It’s incredibly strong allowing it to be lathe turned to exact tolerances so it fits comfortably in your hand. Full metal construction adds durability for many years of flawless performance and reliability. The steel barrel and piston shaft have been upgraded from the original adding linear self-lubricating glide bushings for increased smoothness as you air up to its 200 PSI maximum, while the larger foot adds stability reducing rocking. Silca did stick with a classic feature, its trademark 3mm thick, durable leather piston washer that Silca has sourced from the same factory in Milan.

  • The definitive floor pump
  • All-metal construction adds durability for long-life
  • Ash wood handle is as beautiful as it is comfortable
  • Chuck works with Presta and Schrader valves
  • More accurate gauge for precise inflation
  • Max pressure of 220PSI makes easy work of pumping up tires

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Tech Specs
Material[barrel] steel, [handle] Ash wood, [plunger] leather, [check-valve] brass
Valve TypePresta, Schrader
Max Pressure220 PSI
Deflatebleeder valve
Recommended Usepumping up bike tires
Manufacturer Warrantylimited lifetime

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

The last pump you’ll ever buy

I've put it through the wringer

To the reviewers complaining about the small/narrow pump base- that is obviously an intentional feature. This is a great house pump, but also great to keep in the car, or store in a tight space. I own another Silca floor pump, and at $400 it does have a wider more stable base. This $100 pump is every bit as good as the more expensive Silca’s in terms of the actual pump parts, but it’s pared down in other ways to make it cheaper and easier to carry around. Every Silca pump is a Rolls Royce- some of them have wildly luxurious options, this one is the base model. But it’s still a Rolls Royce. After owning a half dozen terrible $60-100 pumps of the years, I’m glad I have pumps for life now. I’m flabbergasted this pump has any non-5 star reviews.

>Rating: 1

The handle is pretty.

I've used it several times

Like other reviewers, I was excited to get this pump when old Specialized pump finally failed. The wood handle is pretty. That is about all could find to say nice. The foot rest is too small. Not only does it fall over constantly. It is almost impossible to use on any surface but smooth concrete. Gravel parking lot? Forget it! Silca brags about the accuracy of the pump. But the gauge is so small, the resolution is terrible. The worst part is that you have to thread it onto and off both Presta and Schrader valves and disassemble/reassemble it to switch between the two. I haven't seen modern pumps that you couldn't use for either and just press on and pull off. The parts to do this are small and fiddly and always seem to come apart at the wrong place. I read all the positive reviews and thought I had done my homework. Boy was I wrong.

>Rating: 5

30 years and counting

I've put it through the wringer

Everything on this pump is durable, and replaceable. It has stood up to years of being tossed into the trunk for races as well as decades in a damp, leaky garage. I still use it several times a week to keep my road tires at 100 psi. I've forgotten where I bought it and how much I paid for it. I stepped on the gauge at a race once and crunched it but I could still get a decent measurement. Not hard to replace it when I got around to it a few months later. It got this annoying slow leak after about 10 years. There is a little o-ring under a bolt near where the hose meets the base and it had tiny bits of the leather washer on it. The leather washer is easy to find and replaceable. Cleaned it out and it still works fine. For some inexplicable reason, my friends still have Schrader valves on their bicycles. Good news is that Silca has a replacement part that flip-flops between that and presta so I have them covered. I was on a sew-up kick for a while, this gets them up to 130 psi no problem. MTB tires at 40 psi take a little more pumping because the pump barrel is kind of narrow, but if you do both fat and skinny I predict that you will survive. This is better for road or track bikes. There might be better pumps on the market but I've never felt like I've needed to try anything else.

>Rating: 4

High quality, long-lasting

I've put it through the wringer

Typical to Silca's standards, this pump is designed to last longer than any hub "standard" in the bike industry. Each internal part can be replaced and serviced to keep the pump running. The wood handle is beautiful, but a bit narrow to comfortably fit two hands on. I enjoy the precision and durability of the chuck, but it can be finicky, especially when used on a non-threaded presta valve. It works best if threaded on to the valve; just pressing it on can lead to it coming off at high pressures. It took a few tries for the pump and I to really get to know how each other works best. Now, I will not look elsewhere when inflating my road tires. Update- Spoke with Silca about the tendency for the valve to blow off at high pressure. Their recommendation is to tighten the gasket on the pump head 1/4 turn at a time. The head should get tighter at higher pressure. Reach out with questions or if you are having issues!

>Rating: 2

Poor design

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Was really excited about this pump after the chuck on my Lezynes died and would no longer transfer air from the pump to the tire but some glaring design flaws make this pump really frustrating to use. 1. The damn thing won't stay upright. I used it for 5min and probably knocked it over 20 times. A mouse fart would put this thing over on its side. 2. The gauge is exceedingly hard to read. Like 25.5 lbs in your front tire? Good luck getting close. You'll rather be somewhere between 25 and 30 3. Lastly and possibly the most frustrating is the size of the chuck. I had to have the valve in the 12 position otherwise (even when it's fully pressed onto the value) the huge chuck would tip causing the valve to release air. You may say, well Ryan, why not just always put it in the 12, my answer is because the hose is so short that even with the bike out of the stand trying to apply it to the valve would just pull the hose tight which would knock the stupid thing over. With a low tube simply trying to put it on the value was a pain too because it would just push the valve into the rim. Do you have short valves? Well then this won't work for you Don't get me wrong, the pump is made beautifully it's just this one doesn't work how I thought it would and those 3 items were the obstacles I ran into.

>Rating: 4

Best pump last pump

I've put it through the wringer

This pump is going to last a really long time. It is very well built. Not much plastic is used. The gauge is also very accurate. I wish there was a low pressure version for mountain bikes. It doesn't push much air so for mountain bike tires it can be a bit slow. Still worth it though if you have multiple bikes covering several disciplines.

>Rating: 4

It will last forever.

I've put it through the wringer

I picked this up on a whim thinking I wanted a pump to throw in the back of my car to top off tires at the trailhead. Construction is superb, I can tell it will last me a good long time, probably longer than my trusty Specialized Airtool. Wood handle is a nice touch, and the chuck is the best in the industry. I would love if they made this pump in a "low pressure" version, or sold an aftermarket gauge for it that displayed lower pressures for inflating MTB tires.


Hello, Is this pump made in the US like the more expensive Silca pump? Best, Brendan

Hi, Based on the information in this review by CX magazine it is made here in the US of A. https://www.cxmagazine.com/silca-pista-bicycle-floor-pump-review-classic-design-indianapolis