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3Zero Moto

Zipp’s new mountain bike wheels leverage unconventional design for exceptional results.

A Different Approach

Zipp has never been a company to follow convention, and that lineage is evident in the design of its first mountain bike wheelset, the 3Zero Moto. Historically, carbon fiber rims have been built in a “box section” profile that mirrors a traditional alloy bicycle rim. With 3Zero Moto, Zipp flips conventional thinking on its head. Opting instead for a single wall design reminiscent of the rims used in motocross applications, Zipp has produced a rim that offers more compliance than traditional carbon fiber rim constructions, which translates into both greater comfort and enhanced resistance to impact damage.

The wheels are laced with 32 spokes for maximum durability, and run on the new ZM1 hubs, which feature Zipp’s Double Time technology for a quick 6.9 degrees of rotation between points of engagement. Wheelsets also include Quarq’s TireWiz™, a handy device that precisely measures tire pressure on the fly to ensure correct inflation and maximize your on trail experience. And having been developed with the close cooperation of many of the stars of the Enduro World Series, there should be no concern regarding the ruggedness of the 3Zero Moto wheelsets. In a space that has become fairly predictable, Zipp’s newest offering represents both outside the box thinking and a tangible advantage that will pay dividends all season long.

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