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Introducing the Yeti SB5C

The SB5C is the next link in the evolution of Yeti's SuperBike. Most notably, it features the all-new Switch Infinity rear suspension platform, but you'll also find a roomy, low, and more stable geometry. And when combined with a stiffer rear end and a superlative carbon layup, it’s clear that Yeti isn't pulling any punches.

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The Switch Infinity Platform

Yeti's new Switch Infinity platform has been four years in the making. Created hand-in-hand with FOX, Switch Infinity combines the essence of Yeti's downhill Rail system with the lauded Switch Link eccentric system. The result? A lighter, stiffer rear end that's more durable, user-serviceable, and efficient than anything that Yeti's ever produced.

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Yeti SB5C Overview

Switch Infinity Overview