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Total Integration

Shimano's shoes and pedals deliver a truly seamless riding experience.

Total Integration

Shoes and pedals represent a critical point of contact between the rider and the bike, so it’s essential that both work in concert to deliver the best possible riding experience. Shimano has a long and storied history of building shoes and pedals for World Champions and weekend warriors alike. Throughout the entire range of offerings, you’ll find outstanding value, legendary reliability, and the knowledge that your shoes and pedals have been designed as a system that’s been optimized for the way you ride.



As Shimano’s professional level road shoe offering, the S-PHYRE RC9 offers an exceptionally refined design that is focused on delivering power to the pedals. The externally reinforced heel cup offers an unusually high degree of heel hold under power, and it works in concert with Shimano's lowest profile sole construction to bring the foot as close to the pedal as possible, shaving millimeters off the overall stack height. They’re a natural fit for the Dura Ace R9100 pedal, which employs a composite body that’s reinforced with stainless wear plates, ensuring both longevity and stability under full gas sprint efforts.

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RC7 & R8000 PEDAL

The RC7 is Shimano’s workhorse road racing shoe. The exceptionally stiff carbon fiber sole is a few millimeters taller than that found on the pinnacle S-PHYRE RC9, but otherwise offers a similar degree of power transfer, as well as a nearly identical fit which pairs a narrow heel cup with a slightly roomier toe box. The dual Boa closures solidify the RC7 as a no nonsense option for those seeking race worthiness and the durability to withstand seasons of hard use. They’re a perfect compliment to the carbon composite Ultegra R8000 pedal.

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The RP7 represents Shimano’s top tier women’s specific design, and although it bears a great degree of similarity to the RC7, there are a handful of features that make it perhaps an even more desirable option for racing and training. We’ve been very impressed with the molded external heel cup, similar to that found on the S-PHYRE RC9, which enhances heel hold under hard efforts. Better yet, the carbon fiber sole is just a touch softer than that of the RC7, lending added comfort without compromising power transfer. Consider this a case where the women’s option offers demonstrable advantages over its male-focused counterpart. They pair perfectly with the 105 R7000 pedal.

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For professional level endurance racers seeking the aggressiveness of a road shoe in a package optimize for the dirt, the S-PHYRE XC9 represents the very best in class. The perforated synthetic leather upper, externally reinforced heel cup, and incredibly stiff carbon fiber sole are borrowed wholesale from the road-focused S-PHYRE RC9, while the Michelin high grip rubber outsole and reinforced toe box give this shoe the all terrain aptitude necessary for the most demanding race conditions. It’s an ideal match for the XTR M9100 pedal, which we consider the benchmark for a rugged and reliable race grade mountain style pedal.

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XC7 & M8000 PEDAL

If the S-PHYRE XC9 is the professional racer’s ideal match, the XC7 should be considered the real world racer’s perfect shoe. Borrowing the dual Boa closure and perforated synthetic leather upper from its elite sibling, it adds a more walkable version of the high grip Michelin rubber outsole, and lends extra comfort with a carbon fiber midsole that is a touch more flexible, making it more forgiving as the miles add up. But don’t mistake that forgiveness for weakness. Just think of the XC7 as a true race shoe that’s built for the rest of us. Its workhorse demeanor makes it an ideal match for the XT M8000 pedal.

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Billed as Shimano’s highest end women’s cross country shoe, the XC5 Women’s might be considered the perfect blend of race worthiness and forgiving all day comfort. It starts with the synthetic leather upper, which uses traditional laces to achieve a precise, personalized fit. It gets better with Shimano’s women’s specific last, which minimizes hot spots underfoot. And the final piece of the puzzle is the highly efficient, yet forgiving carbon fiber sole, which is clad in high grip Michelin rubber for walkability around the trailhead. We’d suggest pairing these with the rugged and reliable M530 pedal.

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ME7 & M9120 PEDAL

Built to meet the demands of Enduro World Series racers, the ME7 is an aggressive, race focused shoe that offers pinnacle power transfer with a suite of features that suit it perfectly to challenging terrain. The integrated neoprene gaiter, lace cover flap, and reinforced toe box all nod to the ME7’s intended use in rocky terrain. The stiff carbon fiber sole makes for a shoe with cross country race inspired aggressiveness, while the necessary walkability is provided by the high grip Michelin rubber outsole. For a race focused pairing, use these with the XTR M9120 pedal.

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ME5 & M8020 PEDAL

For those seeking a comfortable trail shoe with a bit of extra protection, the ME5 is an excellent choice. The perforated synthetic leather upper works in concert with the single Boa closure and hook-and-loop strap at the forefoot to deliver a personalized, easily tailored fit. The high inner ankle provides extra padding against crank arm strikes. The EVA midsole strikes a nice balance between support and flex, lending comfort and walkability that’s greatly enhanced by the high grip Michelin rubber outsole. We suggest pairing them with the the XT M8020 pedal.

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The ME4 Women’s shoe is built specifically with trail riders in mind. The perforated synthetic leather upper uses two hook-and-loop closures at the forefoot to provide a customized fit, while the single Boa closure ensures a snug hold on your heel when putting down the power. The fiberglass reinforced nylon midsole strikes an ideal balance between the stiffness required for power transfer, and the flexibility needed to maximize comfort during long days in the saddle. The grippy rubber outsole ensures positive grip when walking around the trailhead, or hiking back up to get another crack at your favorite technical section. We recommend pairing them with the EH-500 pedal.

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AM9 & M820 PEDAL

Built to suit the demands of elite downhill racers, the AM9 offers protection and comfort that’s easily appreciated by riders at any level. The perforated synthetic leather upper is secured by a drawcord and protected by a lace flap, while added heel hold comes courtesy of the upper hook-and-loop strap. The EVA midsole offers more flex than a carbon option, making these both more walkable and much more comfortable when faced with long runs filled with jarring impacts. And the raised inner ankle provides additional protection against crank strikes. For the full experience, pair these with the Saint M820 SPD pedal.

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GR7 & M828 PEDAL

Built for those who prefer to ride with platform pedals, the GR7 offers support and grip that are essential for big rides. The perforated synthetic leather upper gets added breathability courtesy of mesh panels at the middle of the foot. The shoe is secured with traditional laces, offering an easily customized fit. An integrated gaiter keeps rocks out of your shoes, while the reinforced toe box shrugs off hard impacts. The high grip Michelin rubber outsole is designed specifically for platform pedals, ensuring consistent grip across the full range of trail conditions. We suggest pairing these with the Saint M828 platform pedal.

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For women who prefer to do their riding on platform pedals, Shimano offers the women’s version of the esteemed GR7 shoe. It’s built with the same suite of details that make the men’s version a standout, and it’s enhanced with Shimano’s women’s specific last, which further enhances comfort underfoot. The high grip Michelin rubber outsole is designed specifically for platform pedals, ensuring predictable grip no matter what the trail may throw your way. These pair wonderfully with the XT M8040 platform pedal.

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