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Designed to keep you dry and warm in cool, wet conditions, the G-Shield line now falls under the larger umbrella of the Acqua+Vento collection. G-Shield products are built from Super Roubaix AZ fabric and treated with a water-repelling Acqua-Zero treatment that prevents saturation, even when faced with serious precipitation. Note that the outstanding G-Shield warmers are unisex garments.


Acqua+Vento outerwear, designated by its “AV” prefix, provides a tailored degree of protection based both on weather conditions and the intensity of a given ride. From the lightweight, interval training-focused AV 100 series, to the deep-winter optimized AV Extreme series, each piece in the Acqua+Vento line is waterproof and highly breathable, with most outerwear employing eVent fabrics for unsurpassed moisture management.


Giordana’s extensive experience with winter cycling clothing was essential in developing the stylish Sosta collection. Built with a blend of natural Merino wool and man-made technical materials, and cut with fanatical attention to the most minute details, the Sosta collection is exceptionally adept at bridging the gap between casual winter rides and fitting in when you reach your destination.

eVent Fabrics

eVent has earned a sterling reputation for exceptional moisture evacuation, courtesy of a construction which boasts millions of microscopic pores in its proprietary membrane. By allowing water vapor to escape from within, without allowing outside water to enter, eVent is able to ensure that you’ll stay drier and more comfortable, especially when you’re going hard.