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Shorts Guide

Get familiar with the year's best baggy shorts.


Fox Attack Pro

The Attack has repeatedly proven itself as one of the finest baggy shorts available today. Cut with a slimmer pattern than most of Fox's other offerings, they maintain a generous length that's enhanced by Fox's stretchy, lightweight TruMotion fabric. The freedom of motion and all day comfort that these premium shorts provide makes them an undisputed leader in their class.

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Troy Lee Designs Skyline Air

The Skyline Air is a specialist pair of shorts aimed at keeping you cool on sweltering summer days. Patterned with the same knee-length cut that's earned the original Skyline a rabid following, the Skyline Air utilizes a breezy mesh front panel, as well as a mesh liner short, that ensures maximum ventilation for hard efforts when temperatures are nearing the triple digits. Liner shorts included.

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POC Resistance Pro Enduro

For riders who regularly experiment with, and frequently surpass their limits, the Resistance Pro Enduro shorts offer built in reinforcement to survive your most spectacular get-offs and keep coming back for more. The knee length cut and stretchy, water-repellant material makes them especially well adapted to unpredictable weather and slick trail conditions.

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Yeti Enduro

Enduro has become a catchall marketing phrase, but Yeti's premier shorts truly have the pedigree to back up their name, as reigning Enduro World Series champion Richie Rude was instrumental in developing these slim, knee-length masterpieces. Minimalist in nature and optimized for pedaling with knee pads, these shorts are exceedingly versatile and refreshingly no-nonsense.

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Pearl Izumi Canyon

With a thoughtfully tailored yet not-too-slim cut, Pearl Izumi's luxuriously stretchy Transfer material, and an included liner short, the Canyon shorts offer tremendous value. They're patterned to hit above the knee, which makes them an ideal choice for riders wanting a smart looking pair of shorts adorned with the necessary features and nothing extraneous. Liner shorts included.

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Zoic Ether

With a looser fit that hits at the knee, the Ether shorts are emblematic of what many riders think of when they hear the word "baggies." They're built using recycled materials wherever possible, just like the included liner short. Along with a highly customizable fit, ample storage, and a range of color options, the Ethers are a truly outstanding value. Liner shorts included.

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100% Airmatic

The Airmatics have quickly become a favorite for their stretchy materials, above-the-knee fit, and bold color options. Along with the included liner short, the Airmatics lay claim to adjustable hook and loop closures at the waist, and a single zippered pocket, all of which add up to precisely what's needed in a trail short, and not one stitch more. Liner shorts included.

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Fox Attack

In the realm of slim-fitted shorts offering unrestricted freedom of movement, the lightweight Fox Attack shorts have precious few equals. Patterned to fit snugly in the saddle and hit above the knee, the Attack employs Fox's TruMotion material for a generous four-way stretch, ensuring that these premium trail shorts will move seamlessly with your body throughout your ride. Liner shorts included.

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Troy Lee Designs Ruckus

The aptly-named Ruckus shorts are built specifically for women with a taste for riding's rowdier side. Water repellant and rugged, yet stretchy and breathable, these gravity-oriented shorts hit at the knee, ensuring complete coverage when paired with knee pads. But unlike burlier downhill shorts, the Ruckus is also primed for pedaling, lending a heaping spoonful of versatility.

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POC Resistance Enduro Light

The stripped-down aesthetic and smartly tailored fit make the Enduro Light a go-to option for aggressive summer riding. The knee-length fit plays nice with knee pads, while the hook and loop closures at the waist provide a customized fit. The lightweight material is stretchy and breathable and has proven extremely durable as well, earning the Enduro Lights a committed following.

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Yeti Norrie

It would be fairly accurate to describe the Norrie shorts as a walking paradox. Constructed of heavy-duty materials and cut long to accommodate knee pads, they're ready to tackle the rowdiest riding around. At the same time, they've become a cult classic for a flattering fit that transitions easily into après activities. They're a worthy addition to any serious rider's wardrobe.

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Zoic Navaeh

Lightweight construction with just enough stretch make the Navaeh shorts an ideal choice for summer riding. The baggier fit and longer length provides full coverage and the freedom of motion needed by riders with bigger quads, and the fit is customizable thanks to hook-and-loop straps at the waist. The ample storage and included liner short make them an excellent value as well. Liner shorts included.

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Pearl Izumi Canyon

If you're looking for an option with a shorter, closely fitted cut, the Canyon shorts are worth your serious consideration. Built with Pearl Izumi's stretchy, breathable Transfer material, these aesthetically simple wonders provide the stripped-down functionality demanded by those needing more coverage than bib shorts, without going all the way to a gravity-styled short. Liner shorts included.

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100% Airmatic Skylar

Designed for full coverage when knee pads aren't required, the Airmatic Skyler shorts are a trail rider's best friend. The lightweight material works in concert with the carefully considered cut to minimize flapping, while still maintaining a baggy silhouette. Paired with their distinctive aesthetic flair, you'll find yourself choosing these repeatedly when you're headed to the trails. Liner shorts included.

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Patagonia Dirt Craft

The straightforward aesthetic of the Dirt Craft effectively disguises a raft of well-thought-out features that have made these a fast favorite. The baggy, full-length fit blends seamlessly with the lightweight, stretchy materials that dry quickly and stay cool on hot summer rides. The icing on the cake is the included liner short, which has garnered rave reviews for its unbelievable comfort. Liner shorts included.

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