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True Versatility

Get to know Castelli's Rain Or Shine line.

Rain Or Shine

Built to shrug off the wet and cold while remaining comfortable and effective in milder weather, Castelli's RoS line spans a far wider range of conditions than most weather protective outerwear, making these peices uniquely suited to riding in the shoulder seasons.

Alpha RoS Light Jacket

Combining the Alpha RoS's weather protection with extra cooling for milder days, the RoS Light is an ideal outer layer for most shoulder season conditions, which has made it a favorite training piece of Castelli's own employees.

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Nelmezzo RoS Jersey

Designed to fill the gap between the moisture management of an insulated jersey and the warmth of a full blown jacket, the Nelmezzo RoS jersey is an ideal layering piece for colder days, or as an outer layer for milder spring and fall rides.

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Alpha RoS Jacket

Available in both men's and women's versions, the Alpha RoS jacket is the most weather protective in the RoS line. Warm and windproof, yet sleek and adept at moisture management, this is much more than just a winter jacket.