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Matthew S.

Matthew S.

Matthew S.

Matthew S.wrote a review of on November 28, 2011

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The top strap is a little wonky. The material portion is too short, it hangs up on the eye stay when ratcheting down. so you have to wedge your finger under neath to guide it over, if not, the entry angle into the ratchet is off and it won't want to come undone if tight. The ratchet just plain sucks. I've seen better ratchets on childrens snowboard bindings... The ladder strap is too long. What they should do, is move the ratchet mech down an inch, shorten the ladder strap, and extend the top strap, and find a whole new ratchet vendor. That thing either won't come undone or it gets too tight on the last notch. The adjustment isn't fine enough for footwear. The release mechanism sucks too. Bad mech all around...

But, the shoes are comfy, fairly stiff, a little narrow...



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