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waterbellewrote a review of on September 23, 2010

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I LOVE this helmet. I'm a prof at a university. I bike to work & wearing a GOOD helmet is a MUST. I was worried about pulling up to class with a helmet on, but I actually get compliments on this one! Looking at the info online, it appears that the helmets with long visors actually contribute to the torque on the upper spinal cord (i.e., the distance from the edge of visor to the neck is increased & therefore damage to the neck can be increased) if/when the head/helmet hit the pavement. So the round-front of the POC helmet not only looks skater-esque, but it may actually be safer than those alien-dean-shaped pointy helmets. Also note that the Snell Foundation, though excellent, rates helmets per their ability to withstand impact to the head. This doesn't take into account protection of the neck.