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timbowrote a review of on November 4, 2016

4 5

Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

OK...I'm fat. Not obese but fat. A series of spinal injuries from an IED in Iraq have been slow to recover and I still face at least 3 more operations. Whahhh!!!! Lots of reasons but they all sound just what they are; excuses.

So I quit my job in South Georgia and am moving to Colorado Springs where I was the most fit I ever was.

Well it's freaking cold in the winter there but one of the things I always enjoyed was getting out in the winter alone. Now I'm not a masochist so I dropped some cash on the CASTELLI RADDOPPIA JACKET. It is a thing of beauty and fine craftsmanship. It's perfect except that I can't stuff my 5'9" 220 lb Lardassian body into the XXL without the seams screaming in protest. I'm going to see if the 3XL can make me feel like I'm not wrapped in Saran Wrap and Duck Tape.

So 4 Stars as the sizing is obviously meant for fit cyclists" ectomorph physiques and so you are forewarned.

If anyone has a recommendation with the same qualities in a full or "American" size sing out.

Great product. Unfortunately the designers could never imagine my body in their beautifully designed and crafted jacket.


El Gordo