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theGlidewrote a review of on August 3, 2017

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Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Had this unit all of 48 hours before I returned it. Spent way more time trying to get it to work that I should have. Out of the box it paired with my phone in a snap. It found the Wahoo heart rate monitor and my Stages power meter fine. Then it needed a firmware update and it just would not connect to my home wifi (FYI wifi is the only way this unit will firmware update and it's the only way it will automatically upload your rides). Finally I created a unencrypted guest zone on my wifi and it connected to that. Then I decided to test it with the sensors. It seemed to pick up the power reading fine from the Stages power meter but not the cadence (ugh). This is a feature that has worked from the first time with my Garmin 510 (a unit I was going to replace with this Wahoo product).

Here's the bottomline, if something works with this unit then it works first time and it's a snap. If something doesn't work, there are no diagnostics to tell you what's wrong. When it wouldn't connect to my home wifi, there was no notice that something was wrong. It took the command to update, indicated it was updating for some 10-15 minutes then came back with no errors but yet NOT updated. Is there a screen to tell you definitely that it's connected to wifi or not? NO. Can you look up it's MAC address so you can verify whether it's on your home network or not? NO. When it won't acquire cadence from your power meter is there a way to tell it specifically you want this data to be read from this device? NO. When you call or try to chat with customer service during their somewhat restrictive hours can you get them on the phone the first try? NO.

So if you buy this device and it works fine with no issues with all the sensors you currently have, you might be okay. If anything doesn't work easily the first time, send this unit back. If later on you want to add a new sensor and you have trouble, send the new sensor back for a refund because good luck to you trying to make it work or getting customer service to help you out.