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Zachary S.

Zachary S.

Zachary S.

Zachary S.wrote a review of on November 20, 2012

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I have ridden quite a few bikes. The team I rode for was sponsored by cannondale and then trek. Then I went on my own and rode pinnarello and on a whim picked this bike up. I can say that this bike is by far the fastest bike I have ever ridden. The first chance I had to ride this bike was in Oregon at a training camp and within the first day I could feel it accelerated faster than any bike I have ever owned and is in the same weight range for a lower price tag than any of the other major brands. From the first stroke it feels smooth and fast. Where it really shines is in the seated uphill efforts. It simply puts your power right back into the frame. I noticed a slight increase in watts and in average speed simply by switching frames. In full out sprints as I am a sprinter this bike simply handles power the whole way through the stroke and never feels like it gives out. The best part of this bike is how smooth it is. Even on the roughest surfaces this bike is simply smooth. Riding over cracks and pot holes it continues to be comfortable.
Other than that this bike is incredibly good looking. I have it set up with a pair of reynolds 46, 3t cockpit, and full sram red 2012. It is extremely attractive. It has a classic look to it with a perfect red trim and the size of the bottom bracket is simply massive.
I am not sure why there are constant sales on this bike trying to get rid of these frames but I encourage everyone to give it a try and get your own review on it!