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shaun Moyes

shaun Moyes


shaun Moyes

shaun Moyeswrote a review of on October 4, 2015

4 5

First off, I am fully devoted to the Smith brand. I have no endorsement or sponsorship; but, after using many brands, I have stuck exclusively with Smith of over a decade. The company is solid. The quality, features and technology are solid. Smith's warranty is second to none.

I own more than a small amount of goggles, glasses etc. Between Motocross, biking, skiing, casual and so forth, I have at least a dozen Smith products for my face at any time. This does not include the many Smith products for my wife and kids.

Applying this to the Overdrive:
I have had many Smith interchangeable glasses over the years . . . my favorite being the Prophets. The Overdrive is awesome in many ways; but, has one major flaw. In most cases the design and function are better than past interchangeable models; however, the Overdrive either fits your face or it doesn't.

While Smith has several current interchangeable models, they only have one pair that isn't a blade or similar. The overdrive is the only current pair that has a full wrapped frame around the lens. For people who like a traditional style frame with interchangeable features, we're left with one option. If this option doesn't work for you, you're out of luck.

Why they either fit or don't:
Read other reviews and you will find this. These glasses sit high on the face. While Smith added a new way to adjust the nose bridge to fit a wider array of nose widths, it isn't actually functional in the way the glasses fit on your face. If you have a thin nose, squeeze the nose bridge pieces close together. This allows the hydrophilic megol nose pads to stick to your nose and hold them in place when wet. The problem is with the pads together, the glasses are pushed farther away from the face and higher up creating a larger gap between your cheeks and the glasses. This allows air and dust and even dirt/sand from your MTB tire to come up into your eyes. If you spread the nose bridge out, the glasses sit closer to the face cutting the gap and shielding the eyes better; however, you lose contact with the hydrophilic nose pads allowing the glasses to slip when you sweat. Thus, if the glasses fit your face just right, you may get the advantage of the non slip pads and protection of a small gap between cheeks and glasses. Sadly, many people I have talked to have had the same experience as me. And I assume that some people who love the glasses just don't realize the potential problem.

I hope Smith will build another option in the full frame category (with interchangeable lenses) or work out a better way to adjust the nose bridge without pushing the glasses away from the face . . . ie: sliding nose pads instead of pivoting.

That being said, the quality is good. I am going to keep them and deal with them as if I don't need the nose pads sticking to my nose. Keeping the bridge spread and glasses close to my face for protection is better than away from the face and higher up.

I know the product is quality and backed by a strong warranty. struggling between 3 and 4 stars based on the nose bridge. A long love of the company's products gets these a 4 star.







shaun Moyes

shaun Moyeswrote a review of on September 3, 2015

5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have been using this all summer long with pleasing results.

In Salt Lake I usually fill with ice once a day and then keep adding water as needed. Water stays cold cold cold.

When climbing and canyoneering in central and southern Utah, this has sat in the car (100°+ weather) and still kept cold with ice from the day before. On these trips I love having ice cold water waiting. Again, add more water as needed. It will be chilled and ready to drink almost immediately.

A nice way to keep cold water without the space of a larger cooler. As long as you start with it full of ice, you will get plenty of cycles.

I'm not entirely sure how long ice will stay; but, I have kept ice in the water for at least 24 hours in a vehicle including hot sun during daylight hours.

Cons: $$$. Daaaaang they're expensive. By the time you add a straw lid, tax and possibly shipping're looking at almost 50 bones.

For some, wear and tear might be a con. Not integrity, just cosmetics. Scratches and such show up quickly least on white. Doesn't bother me; but, it might bother some who don't want to baby it.

Expensive; but, IT WORKS!

The only stars I would deduct would be for the high price. Seeing as it works exactly how it is hyped to and I knew the price going in ...I give it 5 stars anyway. Just the same, I'll buy more during sales.