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roubaixwrote a review of on October 11, 2016

2 5

Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I wear medium in Assos, Rapha(Pro Team line). They fit very well around my torso. Body hugging, but not restrictive when in tuck-in position. So I ordered this POC top of line jersey in M. The jersey looks very high tech. It has a lot of nice details and features such as welded seams, laser cut edges and patterned reflective center pocket. The color panels are interestingly laid out. From stylistic point of view, this jersey has it all.

Now, the most important part of the jersey: fit. It’s a big thumb down. For a medium jersey, the arm pits are tight. They bind when my arms reach forward and in the tuck-in riding position. Chest area is a bit restrictive too in the tuck-in position. The worse part is the waist. While the top half of the jersey is tight and binding, the bottom half is loose. It’s baggy around the waist. I can't even say it's a race fit because a true race fit like Rapha Pro Team line is buddy hugging, second skin like, but not binding, restrictive, or baggy around the waist. So this AVIP jersey is neither race fit, nor club fit. What fit exactly this is???

This has too be the oddest fitting medium size race jersey I’ve ever pulled on. For how much it is, this is very disappointing. POC is a great helmet company. I love their Octal line of helms. I actually own two of them. Their clothing is just plain disappointing. I also reviewed their arm warmers a while back. Same issue: poor fit. If they want to be in this saturated cycling apparel business and keep up with the big boys like Assos and Rapha, they need to overhaul the fitting of their soft goods.




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roubaixwrote a review of on January 7, 2016

Way too big
2 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

POC may make good helmets, but their clothing line is far from being excellent. I think one of the biggest problem is the cut and sizing. I ordered a AVIP women's jersey in size small. It's cut very loose at waist, not flattering at all. Same problem with this pair of arm warmers. Size small feels like size large. Big and wide cut. They don't fit like what normal arm warmers should. Loose and all puckered. I put them side by side in comparison with my Assos arm warmers. The sizing is just terrible.

On the picture I attached, the POC sleeve I got is size SMALL. The other two sleeve are both Medium(Assos and Castelli). How is size SMALL looks and fits so much bigger than size Medium??? I just don't get it.

Did POC ever have people to try on those pieces before releasing them to the market?




roubaixwrote a review of on January 3, 2016

Excellent but with flaws
4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I own 3 Assos vests. 1. BlitzFeder(super light weight super compact for early fall) 2. The classic Element Zero(Spring, Mid to Late fall). 3. The latest FalkenZahn. Two early ones are both size Medium. More on the FalkenZah sizing later. I love vests. They're modular, compact and easy on-off while you're riding.

About the FalkenZahn.

Pros: Uber stylish, the typical futuristic look from the A brand. Great cut(if sized correctly). Super attention to the details. Great color combination except for that screaming yellow. Assos phased out the screaming yellow and the Clypso(Blue), leaving only Red, Black and White. I really like the sky blue color(Clypso). My BlitzFeder is white and my ElementZero is red. So the Clypso was just the color I don't have. I picked one up from Competitive Cyclist when they closed out those two colors.

The vest is warm and cozy. But it never traps the moisture. It makes you stay dry on the long climbs. You can unzip the collar for more ventilation and never feel over heating to unzip completely. A perfect thermo vest from 45F to 55F depend on how you layer underneath.

Now cons:

Two things.

1. This vest runs small even by Assos race fit standard. This reminds me my old SS 13 jersey. I had to go one size up. I'm exact 6' 183cm. 155 pounds. 39 inches chest. I'm usually size Medium in other Assos stuff except for the SS 13 and the FalkenZahn. This vest really runs small and snug to a point it's hard to breath even in tucked in bike position. Size large fits much better. It's still form fitting and snug, but never restrictive like the medium. So I'd advise size up one.

2. Wind blocking feature is somewhat disappointing. I thought the FalkenZahn should be even more wind blocking than my ElementZero and BlitzFeder. But it's not. On a long descent, I could still feel cold air slipping through the open weaves of the RXQ material in the chest area. By comparison, my old ElementZero makes a dead stop with the wind. The FalkenZahn's wind blocking level is about the same as my BlitzFeder. Now FalkenZahn is considered as a deep fall and early winter vest, where the BlitzFeder is a late spring and early summer wind shell. The FalkenZahn price is almost twice as much as the BlitzFeder. Hence, I was a bit disappointed with the wind block level on the FalkenZahn consider it replaces the older ElementZero as the warmest deep fall/winter thermo vest Assos has to offer.

Thus, a 4 star rating. Otherwise, FalkenZahn could've gotten a 5 star rating.




roubaixwrote a review of on June 20, 2015

Very nice bib!
4 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I own 5 pairs of Assos bibs. Three S2 generation bibs and two S5 generation bibs. I bought a pair of T FI.13 S5 bibs in all black before I bought a pair of T FI.Uno in white/black. Both bibs are medium. I'm 6', 155lbs. The FI.13 fits more snug than the T FI.Uno. I actually think T FI.Uno pad is a bit more comfortable than the T FI.13 pad. The Uno pad is thicker, but never bulky. Just provides enough support. The Uno fits very nice. I have other brand bibs in the correct sizing. Most of them show slight puckering at where the seams go over my rear when I'm in standing position(not riding). The puckering will disappear once I bend over into riding position. So I use this as a gauge for how bib is tailored to my body(not just in riding position, but also standing straight). None of my 5 pairs of Assos ever showed any puckering in the back. That tells me the cut is just dead on. There's only one thing I didn't like about the Uno. It's the inseam. My FI.13 has a 8 inch inseam. My other older S2 bibs are all at 8 inch inseam. I always think 8 inch inseam is the perfect length. However, the Uno has 10 inch inseam. I have relatively long legs(35.5" inseam). The Uno just looks way too long. If you go by OREC, the bib shall not extend beyond 2/3 of your thigh. Uno is about 3/4 of my thigh if not more. So the Uno is too long. I took my Uno to a tailor, hemmed at 8 inches. Problem solved. They're perfect now :)