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ratwellwrote a review of on May 11, 2011

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Are you struggling to find a jacket that can manage the wind, heat and the rain? This jacket really does it all.

I have not tried the jacket in a downpour yet but riding through rain showers has not presented a problem as the water beads off this jacket.

If you get too warm you can remove the sleeves and store them in the pockets at the back. They fold down easily and you forget they are back there. The zippers that hold the sleeves on are very well constructed and easy to use but the fit of the jacket requires you to remove the jacket to remove them.

At first I found the lack of pit zips disappointing until I realized I could undo the front zip on each arm (possible to do while cycling) to let in the cooling air. Because of the location of these zips, they work much better than pit zips.

I also unzip the jacket sometimes to let in some cooling air. Because the rear pockets are mesh lined, you are able create a flow of air to help cool your back a little by opening the rear zippers.

For 2011, the sleeve material has been updated to match the material Gore uses for its Phantom gloves. This fabric is soft on the inside when worn against bare arms.

In general, I wish Gore would increase the reflective footprint of their jackets. Two 10" pipes on the back and a reflective Windstopper logo are just OK but could be improved upon.

Would a double ended zipper improve this jacket? or a built-in rain hood? or vented front zipper? I suppose they would but having used this jacket many times, it's pretty much perfect especially when combined with a wool jersey or long sleeve.